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Short-term test of the Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 850 E-TEC 2022

Renegade X 2022

Last winter, in collaboration with the web magazine motoneiges.ca and Ski-Doo, I had the chance to do a short-term test of the Renegade X-RS with the 850 E -TEC engine. The reputation of this trail beast is well established and once again, it stayed true to its habits.

Renegade X 2022

Always so pleasant this 850 E -TEC!

First of all, these were not my first rides with the famous 850 E -TEC two-stroke engine. But every time I ride it, I am always impressed and surprised by its versatility. Indeed, we can easily adapt our riding style according to our preferences and mood.

Renegade X 2022

As much as we can be aggressive on the throttle and adopt a sporty driving style, we can also go smoothly and enjoy the landscape. The calibration of this machine makes it efficient in any situation. With its 165 hp, I find this mill still relevant in the market and it is by far my favorite on the trail.

Smart Shox Suspension!

I also had the pleasure to try the new semi-active Smart Shox suspension that we are talking about a lot these days. A great innovation from BRP. Equipped with 5 strategically placed sensors, the compression and rebound are adjusted 50 times per second to give us the best possible calibration according to the terrain.

We have the choice of three driving modes to optimize our ride: comfort, sport and sport plus. The latter is really harder and allows you to attack bumps and turns at high speed. The sport mode gives us a little more respite by making sure to transmit less force from the trail. Often used at the end of the day, the comfort mode will allow you to relax more and be more passive on your snowmobile.

For more details on this new suspension, I invite you to consult this link .

Combined with the Pilot X ski and the RAS X front suspension, the combination is perfect for optimal handling. The wider spread of the skis offered by the RAS X gives us better stability in turns. It allows us to take them with confidence even on bumpy trails. In the back, the rMotion X works extremely well to keep the whole thing on the ground and greatly improves rider comfort.

My favorite track!

The machine was equipped with the 1.25-inch Ice Ripper XT track, which again seems to be the best option for the conditions in southern Quebec, more precisely, here in the Eastern Townships. With these factory-installed studs, power is delivered extremely well to the ground. On the braking side, it grips the trail well to reduce stopping distance even on a somewhat icy surface.

Ski-Doo accessories and equipment

I also love, as always, the Ski-Doo accessories that enhance our ride. The hand guards give the snowmobile a very nice look and also serve as protection against the wind.

Handlebar sleeves are a must when riding in cold temperatures. We all know how unpleasant it is to feel the cold on your fingers while riding. Trying it is adopting it.

When leaving on a hike, it is essential to bring with you basic equipment such as a rope, extra clothing, a portable gas can, a carrying bag, etc. The 10-litre portable gas can make the difference between stopping on the side of the trail or driving to the next gas station.

Renegade X-RS, what a machine!

In conclusion, I am never disappointed when riding a Renegade, no matter what version. But I must admit that the X-RS has something special. It’s a package deal, which makes for a ferocious trail beast. I loved my test ride on the snowmobile and I highly recommend it to trail enthusiasts.


For more information, visit the Ski-Doo website and SledMagazine.com.

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