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Riding a woman’s snowmobile

Our 2021/2022 snowmobile season is upon us and we are getting our sleds ready.  Among us, some have powerful snowmobiles and others have less powerful snowmobiles that are sometimes nicknamed ”woman’s snowmobile”. What does this expression mean…?


I’ve been snowmobiling for more than fifty years and I’ve heard a lot of expressions: “it’s an anvil, a cart, a scrap, a bunch of trouble, a trash can…” the list is long but I could, most of the time, understand what it meant.

But a “woman’s snowmobile”, what does it mean?  That it is pretty, that it has a nice silhouette, that the shape of its lights makes it look pretty, that its front bumper and its raised buttocks excite you and that you want to sit on it? You’ll tell me to calm down Mario, that means that this snowmobile is a small displacement and that its power doesn’t satisfy our adrenaline dose.


And yet, these snowmobiles go, for the most part, twice the speed allowed on the trail, that is to say 70km. They are cheaper to buy, cheaper to insure, often run on regular gas and are more economical. I also know women riders that you would have a hard time keeping up with on the trail with your 180/200hp mounts. On the trail, the handling of the snowmobile and the skill of the rider can make all the difference.

Snowmobiling has been on the increase in Quebec in recent years and nearly 40% of snowmobilers are women. They can drive any model and type of snowmobile. No manufacturer makes snowmobiles for women. They make different models and types, so that each snowmobiler can find the mount that will take her to see wonderful landscapes on the top of mountains in different regions.

So snowmobiler, before using the expression “woman’s snowmobile” in 2021/2022, turn your tongue at least seven times in your mouth, you will surely find something more adequate to say than this bad expression which has no place nowadays. I wish you a wonderful snowmobile season and be careful.




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