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New helmet: CKX Contact

No adjustment.  No compromise. As simple as that.

Capitalising on the success of the popular Titan and Mission helmets, CKX is back in full force unveiling the new CKX Contact! An electric series helmet specifically designed for trail riding. “While working on the Titan and Mission, we have developed a real expertise for winter helmets. The team had never really taken on the design of a helmet dedicated to a more recreational practice. This segment of our product line was actually in dire need of renewal,” claims Jean-Simon Lévesque, Engineer and head of CKX Products development.

Added value                                                                                                                       

With its lightweight and sleek design, the Contact stands out with features that made CKX helmets famous.  “Comfort is a recurring comment in the feedback received from the Titan and Mission users. With the Contact, one can say that CKX is setting a standard at that level! Enthusiasts will experience that much appreciated comfort,” states Jean-Simon Lévesque, expressing his satisfaction.  In addition, the Contact is a full-face helmet that provides all the benefits of a modular helmet.  Its oversized shield offers a panoramic vision, and once lifted, the face is completely free.

A simple, yet innovative helmet

For the CKX design team, the challenge this time was to create a helmet that would require no adjustment, but be as efficient and practical. ‘‘We were aiming for simplicity to market an accessible and yet innovative product. Thriving and innovating with simplicity is not easy, but that is what we did with the Contact and its 3 patents pending,’’ proudly states Jean-Simon Lévesque.

The two first patents pending are the integration of redesigned impact absorption components, and the simplified, innovative ratchet mechanism. The third patent deals with the electric shield system that includes some of the Contacts great benefits.  The lower part of the visor has a clearly visible power indicator, helping the rider check the condition of the helmet’s connection at all times.  In addition to the patents pending, a connection protection is added to the side of the helmet to reduce the tension on the cable.

Soon available       

The all-new CKX Contact will be available at all Kimpex dealerships as early as fall 2022. “Although we are a small team at CKX, we can always rely on the cooperation of many partners to help us successfully carry out all our projects. Together, we manage to innovate, one helmet at a time, for the greatest pleasure of all enthusiasts!”

For more information visit the CKX Contact page.

Enjoy CKX electric comfort. The CKX Contact is ready for your adventure.

About Kimpex

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