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KLIM Havoc GTX BOA Boots: A Sturdy Asset!

Bottes Havoc gtx de Klim Havoc gtx Boots

KLIM’s reputation as a clothing and safety equipment designer precedes them. They are well established and widely recognized in the current market with thousands of enthusiasts. KLIM offers a wide range of products, making the selection challenging due to the extensive choices. Personally, I opted for the Havoc GTX BOA boots. While this is not an entirely new release, there is a new colour option available this season. On my end, the colours I chose will undoubtedly catch the eye.

Logo Klim sur le côté des bottes havoc gtx Klim logo on the side of Havoc GTX boots

On the Market for a Few Years

The Havoc GTX BOA boots have been on the market for several years. They are the world’s first boots specifically designed for snow bikes. They are engineered to withstand the extreme conditions encountered during an intense day of snow biking. Their appearance leaves no room for doubt about their properties and features. They give the impression of being motocross boots … but insulated to counter the cold. That is not too far from the truth.

These boots are very rigid and provide firm support to prevent ankle sprains. When it comes to snowmobile boots, my preference tends directly towards this direction. I advocate for boots that give me a very secure feel.

bottes havoc gtx boots

Quite the Unique Design!

The boot is crafted with 600 grams of Thinsulate insulation to provide ample warmth. Additionally, the Gore-Tex ensures to keep us dry. The boot’s sole is made with the same material Michelin uses for its X-ICE 3 and X-ICE North 2 tires. This rubber compound resists cold temperatures and abrasion, offering a softer and more flexible feel while retaining non-slip properties. The sole also features appropriate treads to enhance stability.

An Easy BOA Lacing

I can easily slip on and securely fasten my Havoc GTX boots in no time thanks to the BOA system. The Boa lacing system is extremely convenient, but it may loosen over time. I’ve had to lean over a few times to tighten the mechanism as the material softened with repeated flexing.

BOA Lacing system on Havoc GTX Boots
BOA Lacing System

Very, very, very heavy…

There’s one element I cannot overlook. Never have I seen boots this heavy. It’s almost absurd how much I feel their weight on my feet. I can guarantee you that I won’t be using them for walking!

Built to Last

It takes just a few seconds to realize the high-quality components in every aspect of the KLIM Havoc GTX BOA boots. They seem almost indestructible due to their rigid materials, even if they soften with prolonged wear. I have the feeling that they will still be highly useful in a decade, even after intensive use. This goes to show how KLIM has used top-notch materials in their design.

Very Warm!

Despite freezing weather, they have not caused me any discomfort. Their extremely airtight design doesn’t allow the slightest bit of cold to pass through. I usually wear a thin merino wool sock, and that is quite sufficient.

Goodness, My Feet Are Huge!

To give you some context, I usually wear size 12 shoes, sometimes going up to 13. I opted for a size 13 to be safe and still they are a bit tight for me. Take note as you too will probably need to choose a size (or two) larger for your boots.

In conclusion, the Havoc GTX BOA boots are probably not ideal for all types of snowmobilers. We must realize that they were not designed with us in mind initially. However, if you are like me and appreciate increased support, these might just surprise you!

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