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This winter, I had the chance to try the CKX Ungava.  Here are my impressions of this winter coat.

CKX Ungava: the look

First of all, I like the look of this jacket. It’s pretty simple in black with gray highlights, which is timeless. It also allows me to wear it on any snowmobile I try out. Still, this piece of clothing is still very visible on the trail. The stripes and logos on the jacket are reflective. It is also possible to install an optional LED bar on the back, to be seen from far away, especially at night.

CKX Ungava: the Design

This coat is made of Taslan Nylon which is a breathable and waterproof fabric. This coat is quite light compared to other models on the market. It has sealed seams, water and wind-resistant. It has 200g PrimaLoft protection on the body and 170g on the sleeves which provides excellent insulation. The fleece lining on the shoulders and inside the collar helps protect us from the cold on the trail. The hand-warmer pockets work well, I used them often. Even if there is an opening inside to insert an LED bar, the access to it is well insulated. I really liked the small pocket on the left front sleeve, which allows me to hide small objects, for example, my key or a credit card when I go to the gas station.

CKX Ungava

On the trail

During my winter outings, I found this jacket to be warm, no matter the temperature. It protects well from wind and water thanks to its sealed seams, I don’t feel the air coming in. I really like the collar design. It’s not bulky, air doesn’t come up into the helmet.

In general, unless you’re doing a lot of physical effort, the jacket breathes well and lets the sweat out quickly. Still, there are two side vents, if needed.  My movements are fluid, the coat flows on my back.  All in all, this coat is comfortable for long rides.  The coat has stretchy inner cuffs, but I like the fact that we don’t have to wear them.  There is also a wide velcro strap that can tighten the cuff to the gloves and keep the air out. The inner skirt doesn’t allow snow to enter and also protects from the wind that blows back.

I would have liked the back LED light to be de facto with the coat and not an option. You can order it with the following code: 608000.

Also, CKX could have provided us with a small optional battery that would easily fit in the back insert. Still, the cable provided is long enough to put a battery in one of the pockets at the front of the jacket, so we lose storage space. While eating on the trails frequently this year and last, I realized that there was no hood and that I would have liked to have one to protect me from the strong winds in my area.

In the end, I really liked this coat.

It is warm, and comfortable, but most importantly not bulky. The coat is well thought out for our harsh winters. It’s a great jacket for trail snowmobilers. As a bonus, I will be seen from afar which is certainly very interesting and will allow me to ride safely.  Thanks to Motoneiges.ca and CKX for allowing me to try it.

CKX Ungava

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