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Big mountain power: the RMK Matryx Slash

Polaris managed to take an amazing machine and make it better. The new Boost is an absolute monster. Power is very smooth, crisp and responsive. The new Matryx chassis is very refined  and an easy transition from the Axys, having similar handling characteristics, just feeling smoother.

My personal sled is a turboed Axys with an aftermarket turbo. I was using this as a comparison to the new Boost. Turbo lag is non-existent on the Boost, it makes smooth power all the way through and just keeps pulling. Polaris engineers took all the things that annoy me on my sled and fixed literally every single one. Clutching was absolutely spot on and the new lightweight P-22 clutch made response and engagement smooth and crisp. Not having to worry about belt tension due to the roller bearing on the shaft is a gamechanger, every ride on my sled I’m constantly checking deflection which gets very annoying. I also have to worry about what spring I have in or if I have enough octane, whereas with the Boost just put in premium pump gas and pull the cord, no mixing fuel, no spring changes, it does the work so you don’t have to.

The Matryx chassis felt great to me. Coming from an Axys platform it was a smooth and simple transition for handling and ergonomics. I will say you have to be careful with the shortened tunnel as it is easy to come over backwards when you grab a handful. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this new chassis. Extremely light and nimble, easy to hold edges, especially in the steep and deep. Riding position is very well laid out, sitting, standing, carving, and wrong foot forward are all extremely comfortable and natural feeling.

With control designs Polaris did another fantastic job. The redesigned brake lever is a great addition, having a finger on brake now is very comfortable and natural feeling. The new wire holder straps on the bars give a nice clean look. I was also very happy to see they come with a tether cord that is an absolute must on mountain machines. The platform as a whole is a very nice compact package, it is really smooth and streamlined and you can tell they did not have any wasted space. The front is very tucked in and streamlined, definitely does not have any bulk to the side panels or front end.


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