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2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS: Between Admiration and Farewell

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

The time has now come for me to give you an overview of my season with the Yamaha 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS. Let’s be honest, it’s the worst snowmobiling season I’ve ever experienced. With snow being scarce almost everywhere in Quebec, I drove 2,000 kilometres on the road just to manage, despite everything, 3,000 kilometres on the trails. So here is my overall assessment following this season.

The Beauty of the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS

Alright, Yamaha hasn’t made any major changes to the style of its snowmobiles for several years. But it must be said that their hood configuration from the start gave a futuristic look for the time. This year, with its blue and grey colours, the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS looks very pretty on a beautiful snowy landscape. Its standard V-shaped LED headlights are very efficient and give it a modern look.

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

Under the Hood: The Exhilarating Power of the Turbo Genesis 998

The Turbo Genesis 998 engine of the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS develops 200 HP. It’s the engine that has thrilled me the most since I started snowmobiling. When I press down hard on the accelerator, its power pushes me back into my seat and my arms extend. Even though it’s hidden by my helmet, a huge smile appears on my face. The adrenaline coursing through my body gives me an indescribable sensation, and the roar of the engine creates a beautiful melody in my ears. Yes, this engine runs on “super” gasoline and it consumes quite a bit. One must be realistic about it. With all the power it produces, don’t expect fuel economy. That being said, the joy and pleasure it provides are worth the cost. Despite everything, I personally found it to be very reasonable in fuel consumption.


The Yamaha 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS has everything to be loved. Its equipment is very comprehensive.

  • RCA DC outlet for the driver and passenger to connect the helmet visor. Another 12-volt power outlet is available to power other accessories.
  • Heated grips for driver and passenger with independent control.
  • Medium smoked windshield to protect the driver from the wind.
  • Front and rear heated seats with independent control.
  • Digital gauge with complete indication.

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

  • 5-liter auxiliary fuel tank with rear hard case.
  • Variable EPS system (Electric Power Steering).

Impeccable Handling: The EPS System at Work

To properly test the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS, I didn’t change anything. I left everything as is. I didn’t feel any darting, and the steering was precise. The EPS system works wonders. Try lifting the front of this snowmobile, and you’ll feel all the weight resting on the skis. Yet, it’s easy to steer the vehicle for hundreds of kilometres without feeling fatigue in the arms or any shoulder pain. I hope this system becomes available as an option in the near future for all snowmobiles, regardless of the brand.

The Importance of a Studded Track

With the winter we had, I often rode on trails with very hard-packed snow, or even on ice. I had to remain very cautious to keep control of my ride. Braking distances were long. Often, the rear of the snowmobile would try to slide out because the front of the snowmobile was biting more than the track. I would have liked the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS to be equipped with a studded track, like the Ice Ripper, for example. I believe that all trail snowmobiles should be equipped with this type of track. It’s a matter of safety.

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

Extended Range: The Auxiliary Tank in Action

As I mentioned earlier, this snowmobile is a bit thirsty for fuel. Therefore, its 15.5-liter auxiliary tank is very useful. Combining the two tanks, we get a total of 50 litres of fuel to quench the Sidewinder’s thirst. This allows us to cover long distances and keep up with other less thirsty snowmobiles. Simply fill the front tank first, and then the auxiliary tank. The latter slowly drains into the former using gravity. The cover of the auxiliary tank is held by four tiny rubber latches that don’t inspire much confidence. Nevertheless, they have never failed. However, I would prefer better latches.

Comfort and Performance: Suspension Analysis

The front suspension works very well. The high-end adjustable FOX QS3 shocks ensure a safe ride. They can be easily adjusted in three clicks.

As for the rear suspension, it’s a bit too soft, in my opinion. I weigh 240 lb and, with the auxiliary tank full, there were times when the suspension bottomed out even though the adjustment was at its maximum. I must say that the trail conditions weren’t always great either, but that’s part of the sport.

This suspension is also equipped with overload springs that can be installed in seconds to allow for a passenger. I didn’t have the opportunity to test them on this model, but I’ve tried these springs in the past and they worked very well.

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

The Seat and Accessories of the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS

The Yamaha 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS remains a very comfortable snowmobile. Its seat is very spacious and plush, and the adjustable backrest can be removed in seconds. To remove it, simply lift the flaps on each side and lift it off. It gives a sporty appearance to the snowmobile. I felt as if I had two snowmobiles in one. Rear hard cases come standard and allow you to bring spare clothing, food, etc. But be careful! I recommend protecting your cargo in a waterproof bag, as the cases are not watertight.

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024


  • Turbo Genesis 998 engine.
  • 5-liter auxiliary tank.
  • Variable EPS system.
  • Removable adjustable backrest.
  • Comprehensive standard equipment.

Areas for Improvement:

  • The rear suspension could be firmer.
  • The hard case is not watertight.
  • Studded track.
  • Snowmobile weight.
  • Tank cover latches.
  • Improved auxiliary setup.

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

Conclusion: Farewell to Yamaha, Long Live the 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS!

I absolutely loved my 2024 season (albeit too short) with my Yamaha 2024 Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS. Aside from a few minor things to improve, this snowmobile has a lot to offer to snowmobilers. If you’re looking for performance and comfort, this is the snowmobile for you.

During the summer of 2023, a bombshell hit the snowmobile industry. Yamaha announced that the year 2025 would be its last year of production for snowmobiles. Unfortunately, Yamaha enthusiasts will have to mourn the loss of the brand. Since 1968, Yamaha has introduced a range of quality snowmobiles with innovations that shook the competition. In doing so, they forced others to offer quality snowmobiles as well. Yamaha is a great company with expertise in many areas. The snowmobiling world is losing a great brand. It’s a shame! I believe that in the near future, we will see some technologies from Yamaha’s engineering in the snowmobiles of other manufacturers.

To mark this final year of production, Yamaha will identify each snowmobile manufactured to immortalize this important milestone. Attention to collectors.

I sincerely thank Yamaha Motor Canada for allowing me to seasonally test this superb snowmobile. Thanks also to Sledmagazine.com for their trust. I invite you to read my articles as well as the articles of my colleagues on Sledmagazine.com. See you soon.

2024 sidewinder s-tx gt eps 2024

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