2023 Ski-Doo – New 10.25″ touchscreen display

Ski-Doo 2023 – Nouveau cadran tactile de 10.25”

At first glance, it may seem funny to realize that at the same time that manufacturers are working hard to make snowmobiles narrower, digital displays tend to get wider!

Of course, this kind of paradox should not be taken at face value…. Or even at the second level!

Seriously, we are very happy that Ski-Doo is introducing this brand new tactile dial. In hindsight, we understand why the manufacturer didn’t do it sooner. Indeed, they certainly wanted to do it on their REV Gen5 platform since the ergonomics of the Gen4 would certainly not have allowed it.

In addition to the impressive width of its display, the big news is that the screen is touch-sensitive. So, no more big button to control the display on the left side of the console.

You can configure the display on the screen when you are stopped or from a new block of buttons on the left of the handlebar. But beware, this button block is not offered on the mountain models for obvious reasons.

The big button and the lack of possibility to adjust it while riding with both hands on the handlebar were the two major points I had to complain about with the 7.8″ screen. This was for safety and usability reasons.

Interesting features include:

  • Allows for updates without having to go to the dealer
  • Bluetooth and Wifi support
  • The display adapts to light conditions
  • The connection with our smart phones is very easy
  • GPS functions with the BRP Go! application. We can plan our trips, add points of interest, etc.
  • Official snowmobile trails
  • Easy to set up dial
  • Odometer and tachometer (RPM) info is always present (Split screen ⅓ – ⅔)

The design of the interface is very successful. Better than the 7.8 in my opinion. This display seems more intuitive and easier to set up since you can do it from the touch screen.

The block of buttons to control the display looks simple, ergonomic and intuitive.

In addition, the heated grips and thumbs can be adjusted easily.However, it seems that there are no more heating levels than on previous versions. Another interesting feature is that the dial is flat and Ski-Doo offers it as an option on mountain models. By being flat, it is much less likely to be damaged when riding off-trail. Mountain riders will also be able to take advantage of the 10.25 dial’s functionalities, such as GPS location, for example.

The Motoneiges.ca team is looking forward to putting it to the test and to giving you its comments and observations.

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