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Towards a Gradual Opening of Snowmobile Trails

Over the past two days, and following the recent snowfalls, impatience among some snowmobilers has been obvious. Rest assured, club volunteers are busy preparing everything for a gradual opening of the trails.

The Reality

Just because it snowed in the last few hours doesn’t mean the trails will suddenly open. There is work to be done to prepare the trail base, fill in ditches, etc. Anyone who has been involved in a snowmobile club will tell you this.

It can take some time. We’re talking about 2–3 days when conditions are ideal, but that is often far from the case. For example, in many places, the ground is not frozen. In other locations, there are water accumulations due to the rainy fall we’ve had.

sentiers boiteux - muddy trails

Riding a snowmobile where the base is not firm can cause it to get stuck in the mud. Now, imagine a grooming machine of several tons in the same place. This is exactly what happened to a club a few hours before writing these lines.

These are just a few examples of the situations clubs can encounter when opening their trails.

Lack of snow in several regions

While some regions have been blessed with a significant amount of snow in the middle of the week, others have not been so fortunate. That’s why club officials in these regions hope to be more fortunate during the small storm expected this weekend.

snowy trails

Safety First

Clubs must ensure that the trails are safe before officially opening them. There are several factors to consider to ensure safe circulation for all enthusiasts.

Gradual Opening of Snowmobile Trails This Weekend

In the next few hours, several clubs will announce the partial or full opening of their trails. These openings will be localized. The interactive map (iMotoneige) will be continuously updated throughout the next few days and during the weekend.

That being said, do not rely on grooming deadlines, as they are inactive at the moment to allow clubs to work on their trails safely. It will be activated later when the network is sufficiently open.

However, the “Trail Conditions” option is fully functional.

Have a great start to the season, everyone!

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