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The Choko Travel Bags Test

Hello snowmobiler friends. It was with great pleasure that I agreed to try out the CHOKO DESIGN travel bags that fit all models of snowmobiles. So it was on a Yamaha snowmobile that I tried these travel bags.

Modular Bags

It is three well-proportioned bags that offer a lot of storage space. It is made of high denier Cordura backed with PVC coating to make it waterproof. The side bags have a double zipper on the top, making it easy to access. A side compartment increases the loading volume. The upper bag is extendable on each side, which also increases the load volume. It is installed on the top of the seat with retaining straps.

Easy Installation

Snowmobile The Choko Travel Bags Test

It is easy to install with the use of the many straps provided by the manufacturer. Some are attached to the side of the snowmobile and two safety straps are attached to the rear bumper or steps. Once installed, it’s quick to reinstall.

My Vision of Choko Travel Bags

Snowmobile The Choko Travel Bags Test

Since I always carry around with me a lot of accessories, safety items, and spare clothing, I need storage space. I have used the CHOKO DESIGN travel bags and I do not hesitate to recommend it to you. It is well designed, strong and durable. It’s very useful for outdoor hikes, as it can also contain travel items for one or more night at the hotel.

CHOKO DESIGN company is constantly improving its products. Travel bags are a good example of this and they are a sure thing.

I would like to thank Mr. LUC MORIN of CHOKO DESIGN for his collaboration.

Snowmobile The Choko Travel Bags Test


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