Test Drive of the BRP Expedition Se 900 ace Turbo R 2023 Snowmobile

It’s for the second year that I have had the chance to test a snowmobile provided by the BRP dealer, Atelier Laforge of Sept-Îles. It’s thanks to them that this year I will have the opportunity to test ride an Expedition SE 900 ace Turbo R. Initially, last spring, we had agreed that my test ride for 2023 would be a Skandic SE 900 ace, as the delivery time was delayed. The dealer suggested I switch to the 2023 Expedition SE 900 ace turbo R, not the same vehicle, but I think I made up for it.

A Motorization out of the Ordinary.

In the beginning, the roar of the engine is impressive. A noise that does not leave one indifferent. The most powerful engine ever offered in a four-stroke Skidoo. With a power of 180 HP, the three-cylinder turbocharged engine should impress you.  The engine features a larger injector system for increased acceleration and top speed. The engine is liquid-cooled and importantly it is a four-stroke! An important feature of the engine is that the crankcase is dry. This means that there is no oil in the base of the engine, which will make it easier to start in cold weather.

Let’s Talk Suspension:

The front suspension on the Expedition SE 900 ace Turbo R is the new RAS X suspension with HPG shocks. The skis are Pilot 7.4, designed to increase flotation off-road and enhance steering on the trail and when carrying heavy loads. The shape of the Pilot 7.4 skid also makes it easier to reverse.

The Expedition SE 900 ace Turbo R’s rear suspension is SC-5U ACS (controlled air shock). The rear suspension is adjustable without tools which allow adjustments without stopping the vehicle. Adjustment is done on the dashboard. The perfect compromise for leisure and work. It is equipped with an articulated rail that maximizes traction in deep snow when reversing. It is lockable for towing.

Expedition Track SE 900 ace Turbo R

There are three choices of tracks available, Silent Cobra WT1.5, Silent Ice Cobra WT 1.5, and Cobra WT 1.8. The snowmobile I have in testing is equipped with the Silent Ice Cobra WT 1.5 with carbide studs.  Ideal for icy trail conditions or on hard-packed now.

Snowmobile Standard Equipment

The Expedition SE 2023 900 ace Turbo R, comes standard with a multitude of accessories. For example; adjustable lift block, 135L LinQ cargo box, ultra high windshield and heavy-duty front bumper. With the spring order, the option of a 7.8″ wide color LCD panoramic display was added to the configuration. Also, customizable with your smartphone. It allows you to have your route displayed or listen to your music.

My first 1,000 KM

I was quickly impressed by the power of the engine, and after only a few kilometres I was already in love. I knew that my winter would be pleasant and strong in sensation. I’m not a big trail enthusiast, but I think I’ve found my taste with the Expedition SE 2023 900 ace Turbo R. The pickup and acceleration are amazing. The sound of the engine is magical and the little noise emitted by the turbo makes you want to continue. My tests are done on the Monts Valin, a favorite place for snowmobiling. Unfortunately, the snow did not come at the beginning of the season. So the first 1,000 km were done on hard snow.

The goal of my trial is to experience snowmobiling in all possible conditions. On trails, so far, a success! In work mode, scraping the cottage trails and carrying wood is also very easy with the Easy-Shift transmission (H-L-N.). I was even able to start pushing my test off the trails. Power is an asset when climbing or jumping. Impressive for a 20″.

Next Steps

The winter is really not over, I still have several months to explore the full potential of the Expedition 2023 SE 900 ace Turbo R. I will be able to come back to you with more details and my end-of-season assessment.

Once again, I would like to thank Atelier Laforge BRP dealer in Sept-Iles for making this test possible. If you need off-road vehicles, they are the reference!

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