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Surviving in the Woods

With the winter starting, it coincides with the snowmobile season. It is always a good idea to look at what we should all bring as a survival kit. Obviously, due to lack of space, it is essential to carefully plan the vital elements to be included when preparing a kit.

First, it is necessary to consider the risks that can be anticipated in a significant breakdown. Apart from a severe crash, the worst-case scenario would be to spend several hours outside alone without help.

Here is what I consider to be the essential things to bring to protect us from the cold, the wind of a winter night, hunger and thirst.

In such circumstances, it is essential to remember that it is recommended to stay in place and to be prepared for different weather conditions. For example, by building a fire, a person in trouble takes care of keeping it going and reduces panic while conserving his or her energy.

Here is my suggestion. First, each time I go for a ride, I always have a multifunctional Swiss knife, a headlamp, 2-3 energy bars, a spare key, a first aid whistle, two lighters, a cell phone and a charger in my coat pockets.

All these fits very well in 2 jacket pockets and does not obstruct the body’s movements in any way. Furthermore, this material remains easily accessible.

Also, in another compartment in my snowmobile, I make sure I have the following items:

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • A piece of pipe that can be used to pump gasoline from one compartment to another.
  • A small retractable saw
  • One rope (10 feet)
  • Fire briquette
  • Metalized polyester cover
  • Hand and foot warmers bags
  • Plastic clip
  • Energy bars

This exhaustive list contains enough elements to build a temporary shelter and keep you warm for a long time.

Also, it is essential to remember that birch bark, regardless of weather conditions, can help to warm you up. Indeed, even when soaked, it is very easy to pick up and set fire to it. The energy value released by the heat of the bark will warm you up fast. To conclude, it is not very expensive to purchase the equipment to have a good kit. Whether for yourself or others, it will certainly allow you to ride without worries.


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