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Summit Adrenaline Edge 2024—Pre-Ride Analysis

Ski-doo Summit Adrenaline Edge 2024

The cold season is rapidly approaching and it’s time to flip the snowmobile switch to “ON.” For Sledmagazine.com test pilots, it’s time to brush up on the specs of the snowmobiles we’ll have the chance to ride for the upcoming winter. For me, it’ll be the new Adrenaline Edge 2024 variant of the Ski-Doo Summit. Some readers with a sharp eye will probably notice that I tested a very similar model last year. This is actually by-design.

Just like the legacy Edge package in the previous years, the Adrenaline Edge provides a really interesting package. It presents some high-end features while being accessible in-season. Among others, it offers a better headlight package, the SHOT starter, and a narrower 34″ ski stance. In order for it to be adapted to the terrain I usually ride in, I went with the 154″ PowderMax Light track with the 2.5″ lugs. This should prevent a lot of the overheating I experienced with the 3″ PowderMax X-Light last year on the 2023 Summit X model I had. Should be well worth the little extra weight.

Ski-doo Summit Adrenaline Edge 2024
The Summit Adrenaline Edge 2024 (model with the 165″ track on the picture)

Why I Chose the Adrenaline Edge 2024

One of the biggest reasons why I picked this specific model is how smooth it rides in the backcountry. My team was surprised at how fun the Adrenaline Edge 2024 was compared to the bigger models in the backcountry during the last SnowShoot. As we discussed with some Ski-Doo representatives last year, most people don’t need the meanest mountain snowmobile to have fun, and it is with this mindset that we picked up this particular model.

Let’s also take a minute to reflect about all the features Ski-Doo brought to their Gen5 platform last year. The Adrenaline Edge 2024 inherits a big portion of those. The narrower body panels and running boards and the short tunnel by themselves already set the ground for an amazing package. And the 850 E-TEC doesn’t need an introduction anymore.

Ski-doo Summit Adrenaline Edge 2024
Definitely a fun snowmobile!

What I’ll Be Looking for This Season

I rode the Gen5 platform most of last year. I will now be able to focus my analysis on comparing the different Summit packages. Let’s see where the Adrenaline Edge 2024 stands! I’m particularly interested to see if I’ll hit its limit, or if its feature set is balanced enough to satisfy a more seasoned snowmobiler.

I also hope we get a better winter this time around so I can spend more time in deep powder snow. It’ll be nice to see how the Summit Gen5 handles the deep snow without having to manage with multiple layers of crust. Yeah, last year wasn’t the best in terms of snow conditions…

Thinking About My Experience With Gen5 Last Year

Last season, I was blown away by the handling of the new Gen5 platform in the snow. In the deep powder, it would handle incredibly precisely. And don’t get me started on the sidehill; it was absolutely glorious! I had never seen such a predictable Summit snowmobile ever. This came with a price, though: the handling in the shallow snow really took a hit on the Gen5 platform. It’ll be interesting to see if we note the same behaviour on the Adrenaline Edge 2024.

To Conclude

I’m stoked to pick up the Summit Adrenaline Edge 2024 in the upcoming weeks! And for the snow to arrive hopefully not too long after that! I hope you’re just as excited to read my review of this snowmobile over the next few months. By the way, if you’re still shopping for a snowmobile, the Adrenaline Edge 2024 is an in-season model, so I highly encourage you to visit your local Ski-Doo dealer!

As always, I’d like to thank Ski-Doo for allowing us to test this snowmobile throughout the season. In the meantime, make sure to follow us on social media.

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