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Lanaudière and Mauricie: A Must-Visit Destination for Snowmobiling

Proclaiming itself as the Land of Snowmobiling for over a decade is not an empty boast, is it? Except when the arguments are strong and snowmobilers show up year after year … one must face the facts. Lanaudière—Mauricie: The Land of Snowmobiling lives up to its name and proudly embraces it!

So, why go snowmobiling in the land of snowmobiling?

4800 km of Marked Trails in the Heart of Quebec

  • Lanaudière Mauricie—The land of snowmobiling represents 15% of the entire provincial network, right in the middle of Quebec.
  • Snow conditions are generally optimal, and the early opening of trails in the La Tuque and Saint-Michel-des-Saints areas delights true enthusiasts!

snowmobiles riding on a bridge in the land of snowmobiling

Huge Diversity of Trails and the Feeling of Freedom

  • 12 circuit suggestions are available online, covering distances ranging from 100 km to 800 km. It is also possible to create your own circuit!
  • The Land of Snowmobiling is the ultimate destination for making loops from the same home base, without carrying luggage! So convenient!
  • GUARANTEED WOW FACTOR: the unforgettable experience of riding on the Gouin Reservoir; the dizzying passage directly on the dam of Lake Taureau; the panoramic trail at altitude leading to the peaks of Saint-Donat.
  • GOOD TO KNOW: About 15 places offer snowmobile rentals.

The Land of Snowmobiling’s Favourite Trail

  • With its 354 km of pure pleasure, taking the wide and winding trails encircling the Mastigouche Reserve and the Mauricie National Park, the Rivers Circuit follows trails #360 and #23, located in the heart of the Land of Snowmobiling, offering unique viewpoints and memorable landscapes.

The Rivers Tour in the land of snowmobiling

Great Package Deals Available

The Legendary Hospitality

  • We know how to genuinely welcome guests. Not too much fuss or pretense. We love people!
  • Hearty and comforting table d’hôte offerings will fill your stomach; diverse bistro menus and local gems will surprise you!
  • Those who have encountered Réal Massé, Gaston Pellerin, or a member of the Marineau family will remember them for a long time! Colour and warmth are in our genes!

two snowmobiles and their four riders stopped under a sunny sky in the land of snowmobiling

Friendly Advice for the 23/24 Season

  • When planning your stay with us, pay special attention to dining options, especially during weekdays (check opening hours).
  • Construction is underway at the Trois-Rivières airport: make sure that parking is indeed open for leaving vehicles and trailers.
  • The Saint-Maurice River: do not take for granted that it is always safe to ride! The conditions of the last two winters have almost completely hindered snowmobilers from using it.
  • It cannot be emphasized enough: stay on the trails. It’s a matter of safety and respect for property owners.

viewpoint at Montagne Noire in the land of snowmobiling

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