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I have a snowmobile buddy who is a happy guy, but he’s not really happy unless something is bent, broken, bleeding or burned.  Let's call him Phil “no photo needed”. Maybe you know Phil or maybe you know a guy like Phil.

Phil has used (meaning severely abused) Strikt Gear over the last 2 years with amazingly durable, comfortable and dry results. You and I will likely never need all of the tough capabilities that these specialized garments lived through. This stuff took it and took it over and over.


Let’s begin with the word strikt, what is it? 

Google results offer following. 

an obsolete spelling of strict. 


demanding that rules concerning behavior are obeyed and observed.


Stern, severe, harsh, uncompromising, authoritarian, firm, austere  

(of a rule or discipline) demanding total obedience or observance; rigidly enforced.

synonyms:    Stringent, rigorous, severe, harsh, hard, rigid, tough, ironclad

(of a person) following rules or beliefs exactly.

Interesting….with these possible definitions in mind, let’s continue with the Strikt story

The Strikt Gear Company of Golden, British Columbia is over 10 years old and is made up of riders who have endlessly worked on the constant development , testing and improvement of advanced motorized action sports apparel. 

The www.Strikt.ca  website offers the following description of what they do and how they do it.

“We are a group of riders and racers that are on an endless pursuit to build and refine our riding gear so we can continue to push the limits of the sports we live for! We build premium products in limited production numbers and strive for constant change by updating every product with each production run.”

“We design, build, refine, and test our own prototypes. This means that advancements and technical changes get made immediately and can be tested out in the field within mere days. This also allows us to test a wider variety of materials over a short period of time. Our competition simply cannot say the same.”

“We test all of our products beyond the limits of expectation utilizing our snow wrecking crew that has over 150 years of combined alpine sledding experience. Our winter- gear is tested and developed across a wide range of areas from the rocky mountain’s to the great lakes.”

“Our Sled-Tek line of textiles was developed and engineered to be the most current technologically advanced textiles in the snowmobiling industry. This line of hybrid textile compositions utilizes new generation technology borrowed from other action sports such as motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling as well as military influence.”

Take a look at just a few of the Strikt products that have been Phil used, abused and proven. 

Aspect Jacket (suggested retail $549.99 US)

Available in Black only, the Aspect Jacket is designed for sledders who want gear that performs and endures. It has a slightly heavier old school feel due to its integrated fleece lining. The hybrid sled-tek V8 fabric used in the Aspect has a high resistance to abrasion by utilizing fibers similar to those used in bullet proof vests. It maintains maximum moisture wicking, breathability, waterproof, and windproof capabilities with a unique PTFE membrane and 3-layer construction. YKK water guard zippers are featured throughout.

By utilizing over 48" of body and arm vents, you can always be comfortable and dry.  Nano-tech DWR was specially designed to resist “icing”, which can be a problem for high breathability fabrics. Helmet friendly collars and pre-curved articulation give the Aspect a perfect fit. As soon as you put it on you and get on a sled, you can tell it was designed by and for sledders.

Freeride Jacket in Orange, Blue, Purple, Teal and Grey  (suggested retail 449,99 US $)  

The Freeride jacket is a high performance lightweight articulated shell, designed for the new generation of sledders. It is specifically built for durable light-weight performance. The hybrid Sled tek L7 fabric has a dual layer membrane with highly breathable, waterproof, and windproof properties across a wide range of conditions. A poly-amid shell armors the Freeride jacket and gives it one of the highest strength to weight ratios on the market. This makes it a favorite among those who spend lots of time in the backcountry as it works well with a variety of under-layering combinations. Inside you will find a moisture wicking liner that works as a system with the L7 fabric to enhance moisture vapor transmission away from your body. With 48” of body and arm vents, you will always be comfortable and dry no matter what the conditions are. This light weight free moving jacket may change the way you ride!

This is the Rigger bib, it is not Phil 

Rigger Bibs in Black (suggested retail 449,99 US $)

The Rigger Bib is the companion to the Aspect Jacket with matching features. The hybrid sled-tek V8 fabric used is the same as is found in the Aspect Jacket and has the same high resistance to abrasion while being extremely breathable, waterproof, and windproof. The specialized EPTFE membrane also has a high resistance to contaminants such as dirt and oil which can adversely plug the pores of other membranes. This Bib was tested in the Canadian oilfields, which means you don’t have to worry about wrecking your bibs. A moisture wicking liner and wicking fleece work with the V8 fabric to keep moisture vapor transmission away from your body. The Rigger Bibs fit and feel great.

Looking good in Freeride Orange (Photo : Michel Brault)

Strikt Gear, it’s not cheap and it’s not mass produced. If you see it, you will know that someone is enjoying some very specialized snowmobile gear that will stand up to the test of time. Phil has proved it!

Now that you know what Strikt Gear is, check out the full line of Strikt Gear at www.strikt.ca   

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