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I bought a 2015 snowmobile with 11 600 kilometers on the odometer!

With the purchase of many snowmobiles that made a success of my snowmobiler carreer, the purchase of a 2015 Ski-Doo Renegade is my second pre-owned machine since all others were brand new.

My first pre-owned snowmobile was a japanese… Yamaha has always built machines that are robust and reliable for thousands of kilometers.

This time, I chose the BRP Renegade for many reasons.

The rMotion suspension offers a unique steering experience. The sport type of riding of a Renegade provides feelings of performance and direct control mainly due to the RAS 2 suspension included in this model.

I like the 4-stroke engine, this famous 3-cylinder of 1200 cc, with good torque that delivers early a long linear power. The clutch of 6 tougher ramps, the track of 137” X 15” / 348 cm X 38 cm, the standard BRP seat for comfort on many daily kilometers.

These are the main reasons why I chose this snowmobile.

With my experience and my ‘conscious’ 11 600 km on one snowmobile, I can say that mechanisms and powertrain are in place. Before signing the contract, an inspection is required. With such distance covered, parts need to be changed, no matter the manufacturer.

Here are other elements that made me sign a purchase agreement!

I have known the dealer T.Y. Moteurs since 27 years, even if I have bought other brands. A dealer’s reputation is necessary for a successful transaction.

All my new Ski-Doo snowmobiles came from this dealer. Over the years, we developed a relation that is a great part of my pleasure on snowmobile.

This dealer is not unique!

Last summer, I rode over 12 000 kilometers on a 2015 Yamaha motorcycle, a FJR 1300 cc. I have also known this dealer since a long time and he has been part of my successful season of motorcycle.

Our choice of brand and dealer is our own decision; what matters is that all parties involved are winners! 

There are 38 employees at T.Y. Moteurs. The first requirement of these employees, mostly in the sales department, is to be dedicated to motorized recreational sports.

Sales adviser

Michael Bridgéo has been working since 25 years in the distribution of recreational vehicles and 10 of them were at T.Y. Moteurs. When he is not working, Michael goes snowmobiling; ‘he knows everything about a Ski-Doo’.


A parachute…

Michael did not hesitate and showed me the 2015 Renegade, since this machine has been bought by the first owner during the 2014 Spring Fever here at T.Y. Moteurs. This snowmobile includes a very special advantage, the BRP limited warranty until November 2017… ‘bumper to bumper’.

This is what we call ‘To afford riding on a pre-owned snowmobile!’

The first owner… quite a rider

I do not know him, but I already have a good idea about this snowmobiler!

The optional features of the snowmobile speak for themselves! Reinforced running boards, high strenght springs, suspension adjustment, those are signs of a heavy rider who sometimes takes a passenger on a dual seat. 

When a snowmobiler rides 11 600 km during one season, I guess he respects his machine!

The schedule of maintenance must be followed adequately since he expects to come back to his point of departure. It is essential for this snowmobiler who must often ride alone!

Taking advantage of trails in a snowy region, riding 11 600 km during one season of 8 to 10 weeks, this is not achieved only during week-end; the snowmobile must be in perfect condition.

This snowmobiler has probably visited many regions during his snowmobiling season. In fact, the dealer file indicates all the inspections and repairs that have been made, especially since this snowmobile has a BRP limited warranty.

The look of the vehicle, the inside and outside cleanliness are tips of the care and respect given to the vehicle by his owner.

All these details reveal a snowmobiler behavior!

Business manager

Of course, papers are required for any commercial transaction. The Business Manager, Bianca, presents all the documents. As the warranties are transferable or else, can be added, this step of informations is necessary.


Presentation of the vehicule 

At last, here is my ‘horse” for the next season.

This step of mutual presentation is one of the tasks performed by the sales adviser. Michael is happy to explain the characteristics and speficiations of this snowmobile.

At this step, I notice that the team responsible for the visual preparation of the vehicles to be delivered, has completed a perfect cleaning of my snowmobile.

And it is not only a visual preparation! The belt dust, the oily stuff, everything must be completely removed from the engine compartment. Remember that a pulley transmission is also a vacuum; accumulation of dirt gets inside the pulley mechanicism, which reduces its efficiency!

First impression

With all the above, I feel confident.

You are invited to follow me during my next season. I am going to write other articles about my experience of purchasing a pre-owned snowmobile. We will probably meet on trails; do not hesitate, I will be proud to introduce my faithful  ‘horse’.

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