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Wheeltracker Review: A real investment

Dear friends snowmobilers. It is a pleasure for me to talk to you about the reasons to buy the WHEELTRACKER, the investment it represents and my experience during my long-term trial.

Why wheels on skis

The addition of wheels to ride with your snowmobile on pavement or concrete is an advantage to protect your skis runners. They also add a safety feature during maneuvers at gas stations or in restaurant parking lots. Think about compulsory stops, when both skis are on pavement and track is on icy surface. Just deploy the wheels without even getting off your snowmobile and that’s it. 

Long-term investment

The purchase of such an equipment represents an important expense and this is why it is important to me to share with you my experience after 4 seasons and over 25 000 km of snowmobiling. We must not forget that this expense will be amortized over many years and that the wheels may be transferred from one snowmobile to another, no matter the manufacturer.

The Wheeltracker system can be installed on all snowmobile models

My experience since 2011

The manufacturer SCM-GL asked me to run a long-term trial with the WHEELTRACKER in order to measure the durability of their hydraulic wheels system. During these years, I rode over 25 000 km and I had the opportunity to test it at – 35 °C without experiencing any failure. If you had doubts about the activation of the system under extreme cold temperatures, you can relax because even if the hydraulic system is a little slower to deploy the wheels (2 seconds more), the system is reliable. The small wings added by the manufacturer protect the snowmobile against splashing water and mud coming from the wheels when they are deployed. The annual maintenance requires to lubricate the wheels pivots with a grease that is resistant to water, calcium and sand. It improves the articulation of mobile parts, mostly under extreme cold temperatures. The resistance and absence of breakage of the components show that the manufacturer uses high quality materials. 


The WHEELTRACKER exceeded my expectations and this is why I recommend it. Believe me, it is really an investment.

I wish you nice rides and I hope to meet you on trails!

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