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State snowmobile association prepares for season

As snow covers the St. Lawrence County the New York State Snowmobile Association is reminding enthusiasts that they can now register online.
«At NYSSA we work with local municipalities and land owners to provide the best riding opportunities for our members. New this year, members can register their sled online, making it easier to ride immediately.»
Snowmobilers are now able to register their sleds online to receive their 15-day temporary registration certificate, allowing snowmobilers to begin riding immediately.
Out-of-state residents must keep the temporary registration with their valid home-state registration while riding in New York.
The association is also reminding riders that trails are not open until the club has inspected them.
«When each season begins we always want to keep snowmobilers informed of the necessary safety precautions that need to be taken before hitting the trails for the first time,» said Jim Rolf, Trail Coordinator of NYSSA. «We encourage snowmobilers to contact their local snowmobile club before their first ride for trail safety updates in order to ensure a safe experience, as trails do change.»
As this storm drops fresh snow in New York State, riders must be cautious of unfrozen water and mud holes beneath the new snow, according to the association.
Due to the lack of cold temperatures, grounds were not able to freeze, and all riders are urged to be extra cautious, especially in low-lying areas and on bodies of water.
Snowmobilers are encouraged to visit www.nysnowmobiler.com.
For the New York club list for all information on local clubs as well as information for the online DMV registration.

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