Snowmobiling on trails of the Association Motoneigistes Vallée de la Nation

The event Open House held by the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec was held this week-end and I went riding on trails in the sector of Petite-Nation, in the Outaouais region, where my good friend Jacques Fecteau is chairman of the snowmobile club Vallée de la Nation.

snowmobile ski-doo gsx 900 ace

This club has without doubt become an expert in the trail maintenance. Also, signage is abundant and well located to help snowmobilers get to their destination. I would not forgive myself if I did not talk about the great volunteers who assist Jacques. Congratulations for your excellent work. Snowmobilers are grateful to you and personally, I applaud you.

snowmobile ski-doo gsx 900 ace

Now, I would like to talk about my snowmobile after 2 500 kilometers. I am surprised by its handling and stability on trails, in powder snow on trail as well as on hard-packed snow. It is so easy to handle that I feel I always have it under control.

Do not forget to read us regularly; I am going to present other short articles each week all season long, to make you learn more about this snowmobile before I write my last article on my long-term trial.

To conclude, to my greatest surprise, I saw that a trail has been named « Jacques-Fecteau ». I am very happy that he is honored this way; he gave so much time and energy to get a snowmobile club that is one of the best in the Province of Québec in terms of trail maintenance.

snowmobile ski-doo gsx 900 ace

snowmobile ski-doo gsx 900 ace

La voix des motoneigistes wishes you a great and safe season.


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