Polaris 2024 RMK Khaos Slash 9R: Preseason Analysis

Polaris RMK Khaos Slash 9R 2024

The 2024 RMK Khaos Slash, powered by the Patriot 9R engine, is highly anticipated! Having achieved great success upon its arrival in 2023, it is now considered a benchmark in off-trail snowmobiles. During the winter of 2023, I had the opportunity to conduct a long-term test of the Khaos model with the short tunnel, namely the Slash. It was the 146-inch version with a 2.6-inch lug track that was entrusted to me.

This season, my long-term test will focus on the 2024 Khaos Slash 9R, a 155-inch version with a 2.75 lug profile (Series 8). I will also have the chance to explore the mountains of Quebec and British Columbia for the occasion. It will be interesting to try this version in deep powder conditions at altitudes ranging from 2100 to 2700 metres.

Presentation of the 2024 Khaos Slash 9R

Let’s take a brief overview of the Patriot 9R 2023 engine from Polaris. It surprised many in the Matryx RMK platform, establishing a new standard of power and manoeuvrability that stirred excitement among sports enthusiasts. The power and quick response delivered by the 9R engine, with its 175 hp to 180 hp, were appreciated and noticed.

Based on the architecture of the Patriot 850, the foundations of this engine differ in that the Patriot 9R is revamped to 899 cc through larger internal mechanical components. Additionally, the manufacturer advocates for a low inertia engine with a lighter internal flywheel. These innovations have met consumer expectations.

For 2024, Polaris focused on making minor modifications to the RMK. Aside from a refurbishment of the primary P22 clutch, the addition of reversible ice scratchers, and a new guard for the secondary pulley, owners will see a machine with almost identical features to its predecessor.

Refurbished Primary Clutch

Primary clutch for the 2024 khaos slash 9rPrimary clutch for the 2023 khaos slash 9r

New Reversible Ice Scratchers

New Guard for te Secondary Pulley

A Responsive and Well-Equipped Machine

Although I loved the Khaos 146 9R 2023, I anticipate that this longer version will be more stable on climbs and more predictable in turns. It’s worth mentioning that the Khaos is a series focused on “freeride” thanks to a longer rear central shock absorber. This aims to reshape the driving dynamics, making it easier to handle. Moreover, Khaos versions come by default with four Walker Evans Velocity external reservoir shocks that are adjustable in compression!

In order to transfer more power to the track, versions of 155 inches and above are equipped with the QuickDrive 2 belt transmission. This is intended to deliver power quickly to the track while remaining lightweight and robust. The QuickDrive system is also more easily accessible during maintenance compared to a chain drive.

double sprocket on the 2024 khaos slash 9r with 155" tracksimple sprocket on the 2024 khaos slash 9r with 146" track


The Khaos Slash 155 equipped with the Patriot 9R (without electric start) is listed at 424 lb (approximately 508 lb with a full fuel/oil tank). The keen eye will notice that the Matryx chassis is quite high! Nevertheless, this structure is renowned for being one of the most effective in navigating through snow. The manoeuvrability of this frame stands out for its responsiveness and ease in shifting weight from side to side.

Other Features of the 2024 Khaos Slash 9R

The machine I am reviewing is equipped with the 7S screen. Under the name RideCommand, Polaris has developed an innovative geolocation concept over the years. This allows you to see your riding partners in real time. The system can easily connect to Android or Apple devices. The 7S touchscreen system becomes an almost indispensable tool for keeping an eye on the group’s surroundings and tracking your routes. Something to keep an eye on…

Revamping the Colours

With the release of the 2024 updates last spring, there is no doubt that the colourists working for Polaris did an impressive job! The colour schemes for 2024 are likely some of the most vibrant! Personally, I favour bright colours for both styling and practical reasons. Indeed, it enhances safety in the sport, as it is easy to be spotted in places where visibility can sometimes be challenging.


For 2024, it can be concluded that Polaris has kept their promise. They delivered and prioritized those who had reserved their spring Snowcheck. In a world where competition is fierce, Polaris’ commitment to customer loyalty is evident. Attuned to the demands of a discerning clientele, the company has aligned itself with market trends. The performances of the 2024 RMK models are the result of innovations and connectivity with customers. Personally, I anticipate a lot of enjoyment with the test of the 2024 Khaos Slash 9R. Moreover, I believe that the features of this machine will align with my riding style. It’s a bold machine, and that’s what I seek in a snowmobile that is technically capable of handling it all!

I would like to express my gratitude to Polaris Snowmobile and Moto Sport 100 Limites in Drummondville.

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