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Overview of what’s new for Ski-Doo 2023

Once again this year, Ski-Doo is introducing several new features to its line of snowmobiles to bring the riding experience to another level. Whether you are experienced or new to snowmobiling, BRP has a vehicle tailored to your specific needs. I’ve been covering this type of launch for Motoneiges.ca since 2015 and I’m once again impressed with what Ski-Doo is offering its customers for the 2023 model year.  The manufacturer is once again pushing the limits of innovation. Here is an overview of the most outstanding new products.

What’s new in 2023 from Ski-Doo

New REV Gen5 platform

Six years after the introduction of the famous 4th iteration of the REV platform, Ski-Doo is offering the REV Gen5 on a few models in the MXZ, Renegade and Summit lines with 850 E-TEC engines. The REV Gen4 is a very popular platform for snowmobilers, both for its performance and its advanced riding ergonomics. The REV Gen5 significantly improves night riding with the addition of LED lighting systems instead of the standard halogen bulbs. On some trail models, the light intensity is 3x the previous model, up to 4800 lumens. The trail snowmobiles have a lighting system with 4 LED beams and the mountain ones have 2.


MXZ Blizzard 2023 with new REV Gen5 platform


MXZ Blizzard 2023 with new REV Gen5 platform

New LED lighting system for the trail

New LED lighting system for the trail

The new REV Gen5 platform is much more than just a modification to the exterior. With these changes, BRP engineers have significantly reduced the vibration level of the 850 E-TEC engine by adding a 4th engine mount. In addition to reducing vibration, this allows for better belt alignment for increased performance and durability. All engine compartment cooling is also improved with the same benefits. The new REV Gen5 also allows for the introduction of a new 10.25-inch digital dial with more performance and connectivity, including the integrated BRP Connect app, in addition to simple and intuitive handlebar controls.

New 10.25″ digital dial


It’s in the mountains where the new REV Gen5 platform demonstrates its full benefits. With the new configuration, the weight reduction varies from 6 to 16 pounds, depending on the model, through a combination of reduction and optimization of chassis, panels, tracks and suspension components. In fact, the left panel of the snowmobile incorporates a very bold design. Combining the pulley guard with the outer panel. To make riding easier, the REV Gen5 is about 3 inches narrower at the front steps and panels, allowing the driver to see the ski legs when maneuvering. This is a clear advantage for even more extreme riding.

Here is the article for more information on the platform.

850 E-TEC Turbo R Engine

For 2023, Ski-Doo is upping the game for mountain snowmobilers with the introduction of the R version of the 850 E-TEC turbo, now offering 180HP up to 8000 feet. Several components of the engine have been revised to deliver all this power in a sustainable way. For example, the design of the engine head has been modified to allow better cooling of the spark plugs, in addition to the injectors and the drive pulley. It is important to mention that the R version is only available in the Summit snowmobile line. Trail snowmobiles retain the naturally aspirated version.

Here is the full article for more information.

KYB Easy Adjust Suspension

Some snowmobile models like the MXZ Blizzard have an optional all-new KYB suspension with an “Easy Adjust” system. This system offers easy adjustment of 3 levels of low and high-speed compression: “soft, medium or high”. This type of shock absorber allows for a quicker and more intuitive adjustment than traditional shock absorbers.

MXZ and Summit NEO models

In order to attract more snowmobile enthusiasts, Ski-Doo introduces the NEO models to its MXZ and Summit lines. Inspired by the popular REV Gen4 platform, these models are smaller in size and better suited for novices or smaller adults. These models are equipped with a very reliable Rotax 600 EFI engine but calibrated to offer 40HP, the ideal level for safe snowmobile learning. Ski-Doo also offers a more powerful version, the NEO+ with a 55HP engine calibration. All these versions offer an electric starter as standard.

The MXZ version of the NEO has a 14 x 120 x 1″ track. The NEO+ offers more traction with a traditional 15 x 120 x 1-1/4″ track. For the Summit NEO, the track is 14 x 146 x 1.6″ and the NEO+ has a Hurricane track with FlexEdge of 146 x 15 x 1.75″. Despite a very reasonable price, these introductory snowmobiles have nothing to be ashamed of technically since they have many of the features of the full-size models. It is important to mention that the MXZ and Summit NEO models will be offered in limited quantities. So if you want to buy one, don’t wait to contact your dealer.

NEO snowmobile lineup

Mini Snowmobiles Return

Many snowmobile lovers are real enthusiasts who also want to share their passion with the whole family. So, good news from Ski-Doo for 2023 with the introduction of the MXZ 120 and 200 children’s snowmobiles, in the same spirit as the previous Mini Z models. Through a supply agreement with Textron, Ski-Doo now offers a children’s snowmobile with Ski-Doo-specific features and characteristics, as well as the traditional yellow colour. These snowmobiles are a great way to share the passion for Ski-Doo with new generations.

The Mini Z is back with the MXZ 120 and 200


Utility line

The Expedition LE model, which is a seasonal model, adds a 24-inch wide track as an option. The 900 ACE Turbo R engine is also available in this line. For the Skandic line, BRP is adding the SE and LE packages for the 20- and 24-inch comprehensive track models. The Skandic SE is available for spring ordering only.

Launch mode

Despite the undeniable popularity of the MACH Z model, which has only returned for the 2022 model year, Ski-Doo is offering a special MACH Z feature on the X-RS and X models in the Renegade lineup with the 900 ACE Turbo R engine. This option will surely please performance enthusiasts who want maximum power at the start. To get this feature, the 7.8-inch digital multi-functional display must be selected.

This quick overview of the new features in the Ski-Doo 2023 snowmobile lineup. In addition to these new features, most of the 2022 models are back for 2023 on REV Gen4 chassis with some improvements and new colouring options. If you are interested in purchasing one of these models, we invite you to visit www.ski-doo.comhttp://www.ski-doo.com and visit your local BRP dealer for more information.

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