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Introduction to the EXOME Sport Radiant Helmet

During the 2023 snowmobiling season, I had the opportunity to test the new BRP EXOME Sport Radiant helmet. As a loyal user of the Oxygen helmet, the prospect of exploring the performance of a modern modular helmet equipped with the latest technologies intrigued me.

At first glance, the helmet stands out for its quality and excellent craftsmanship. With its design and removable visor, the EXOME helmet easily aligns with the DNA of a sporty trail ride.

Optimal Visibility with the EXOME Helmet

The aesthetics of the EXOME helmet perfectly align with the essence of winter adventures, providing a visually and tactilely pleasing experience. An essential element for comfort and safety during rides is the presence of an amber-coloured sun visor. Its easy retractability allows for quick adjustments to changing light conditions.

Moreover, the heated visor function proves particularly useful in eliminating any frost that may form during your journeys.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Comfort

When considering the purchase of a helmet, selecting the appropriate size is crucial to ensuring optimal comfort. In this review, I will share my experience with the EXOME and Oxygen helmets, highlighting the crucial importance of sizing.

Challenges Encountered with the EXOME Helmet

During my trials, I noticed that the EXOME helmet appears to be sized smaller than its Oxygen counterpart, even for equivalent sizes. Taking into account the morphology of my face, I experienced difficulties in properly attaching the anti-fog mask and closing the helmet. Despite wearing a 3XL-sized helmet, choosing a larger size was unfortunately not a viable option.

My trial took place last spring under milder conditions. However, without the use of the anti-fog mask, I sought to minimize the impact of cold air infiltrations on my face. Although the normal use of the helmet involves wearing the mask, this experience revealed that the EXOME helmet offers excellent visibility and well-thought-out ergonomics.

Advantages of a Modular Helmet

A modular helmet proves particularly convenient during stops, allowing for easy setup. In my upcoming trial, I will collaborate with a partner to fully exploit the anti-fog system in various usage conditions.

Features of the EXOME Sport Radiant Helmet

The EXOME Sport Radiant helmet boasts several notable features:

  • Limited 4-year warranty.
  • Advanced composite plastic shell.
  • Modular helmet for ease of use.
  • Breath Evac anti-fog mask system.
  • Removable visor for increased customization.
  • Radiant electric visor with double-heated anti-fog lens.
  • Retractable amber-coloured sun visor.
  • 2 shell sizes for optimal comfort.
  • Quick-release neck strap.
  • Ready for glasses wearers.
  • Includes 5 absorbents for the Breath Evac mask.
  • D.O.T. certified.

EXOME Sport Radiant Helmet

Availability of the EXOME Sport Radiant Helmet

The EXOME Sport Radiant helmet is available in 7 different sizes and offered in 5 different colors. For more information, we invite you to visit their website and your local dealer.

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