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Choko Design: the products on test

I am pleased to test some snowmobile products from the 2018 collection of Choko Desing. Here is the list of all articles that I will test in 2018. They are available in the Choko Design catalog 2018 edition or in several stores on www.chokodesign.co. Here are all the articles that are part of the trial.

Choko Design : les produits à l’essai

Trousers : Cross-over

Helmet: Deluxe modular helmet with electric visor

Gloves: Mountain Gloves

Boots : Thermal

Balaclava : Anti-frost

Saddlebag: Modular 3 bags

Toque: Red Beanie Choko

Cap : Choko

The next article will be the description of Choko coat, pants, and boots. The second will be on the helmet, gloves, balaclava, toque, and cap.

Thanks again to Choko for their trust.


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