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BRP technology- Display 7,8 inch

The year 2021 is one of innovation and novelty for BRP. Whether it’s for the engine, suspension, ski or technology, the company never ceases to surprise us. Speaking of technology, the new 7.8 inch high definition color LCD display caught my attention and probably the attention of many.  So I decided to take a closer look at this new feature and let you discover it.

First of all, I have to say that BRP has invested a lot of energy to offer an extremely clear and bright screen in different outdoor conditions with a state-of-the-art display technology. The text is now larger for easier reading. As for example, the temperature level indicator on the grips and the heated thumb are now very visible.

We can also choose between two display modes: manual, which allows us to decide between a light or dark screen, or automatic, which will adjust according to the ambient light.

It should be understood that the display panel is separated into two parts. On the left side, we have the information that relates more to the snowmobile. We find, among other things, the fuel gauge, the engine temperature, the RPM in numerical figures and, depending on the one we choose, the information related to the route (A or B) or the total number of kilometers of the machine.

The right side, as for it, contains the parameters of adjustment of our display panel as the language, the hour, the luminosity and especially, the connection of our devices.

We navigate through the menus with the new rotary push button control. At first, there is a slight adjustment to understand how it works, but after a few uses, it goes great.

The first thing we need to do to use the new screen and its features is to download BRP Connect and BRP GO to our cell phone. These applications are available on Apps Store and Google Play.

Next, we need to connect our phone, helmet or other communication devices via Bluetooth.

BRP Connect

BRP Connect is sort of a portal to launch different apps. There are several available and then you can customize your screen to your interests. However, for the application to work, the phone must be connected via a USB wire and also connected via Bluetooth to the snowmobile. In addition, the phone must be open and the application launched (not in standby mode). It is also through this application that you can launch BRP GO.


BRP GO gives access to the trail map of all Quebec. This allows us to follow the route we take throughout the ride. Even if there is no cellular network, the map is always functional. You can also design trips and follow the GPS directions. I really enjoyed seeing the trails directly on the snowmobile without having to use my phone.

I won’t hide from you that at the beginning, all this seems a bit complex and you really have to use it a few times to finally appreciate how it works. I wish in the future all the features would be centralized in one application to simplify the use.

This new technology from BRP announces great things for the next few years. Despite the high price tag, the new 7.8 inch high definition color LCD is still a great option. Let’s hope it becomes more affordable for snowmobilers.

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