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Backcountry Sport 2021 — My Pre-Ride Analysis

I must admit that as soon as the Backcountry Sport was announced, it was on my list of machines to try. So, I’m thrilled to drive it, this year, for SledMagazine.com and Mini Mécanik of Rimouski. I had the opportunity to test drive the Backcountry XRS with the 850 engine when I first started out. The experience marked me positively, so it is with great enthusiasm that I will start the season on the backcountry sport of Ski-Doo.  

Backcountry Sport 2021 — My Pre-Ride Analysis - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler
Taking possession of the Backcountry Sport 600 EFI at Mini-Mécanik de Rimouski

What’s new? First of all, it is a new variant of the Backcountry. The Sport version was introduced this year. It is equipped with the new two-stroke 600 EFI 85-hp engine. Like the other models in the Backcountry range, it features the C-Motion rear suspension. This is an in-between of the R-Motion and the T-Motion. It offers good transfer out of deep snow, good stability in sporty riding, as well as good ability to take the bumps in the trail. Like the other versions of BC, it offers variable ski spacing from 38 to 40 inches. This allows the snowmobile to be easily tilted to the side for off-trail maneuvers. In addition, the mechanics of the 600 EFI are designed to be simple and more straightforward to maintain than its E-TEC counterparts.   

Backcountry Sport 2021 — My Pre-Ride Analysis - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

Who’s it for? This machine is the entry point into the hybrid range for Ski-Doo. It’s offered at an incredibly competitive price. It’s designed for snowmobilers looking for a middle ground between the trail and the mountain. It’s also for those who wish to have a new snowmobile with a warranty, which is very versatile at a lower acquisition cost. It can be used on the trail, as well as off-trail. Depending on your suspension adjustments, it will be better in either scenario. Therefore, it’s for everyone. It’s perfect for a first snowmobile; it allows you to enjoy the sport without raiding your pension fund. It can also be used as a second family snowmobile. It’s designed to be agile, easy to use and lightweight: in short, the perfect introductory tool. However, make no mistake, it will be far from monotonous to drive for more experienced people. 

Backcountry Sport 2021 — My Pre-Ride Analysis - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

Overall, the concept of a hybrid machine is not new, but I must admit that the 50/50 market has evolved a lot since the last generations. At Ski-Doo, like elsewhere, the range is less and less subject to compromise. In the past, a hybrid was often ineffective in trails and often not agile enough in deep snow. It’s no longer the case. I’m sure the Backcountry sport will do very well, just like the other versions of Backcountry we’ve tried in the past.

Backcountry Sport 2021 — My Pre-Ride Analysis - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler
Another review of a Renegade Backcountry a few years ago in collaboration with Mini-Mécanik de Rimouski

In my experience, the BC is slightly better off the trail than on the trail. It’s no less competent on surfaced terrain; however, don’t expect the behavior of an R-Motion X. The BC is built to transfer, the R-Motion, for its part, limits the transfer to keep the skis on the surface. The BC will be more likely to lift the skis. Therefore, I will make it my duty to find an ideal configuration for the trail and off the trail during my tests.  

Backcountry Sport 2021 — My Pre-Ride Analysis - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

It’s with great enthusiasm that I am starting this season as a test pilot for the magazine. I invite you to regularly visit our site if you want to know more about the Backcountry Sport and the snowmobile industry. Soon, I will give you my first impressions.  


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