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The web magazine SledMagazine.com goes into partnership with  Auberge du km 31 as its official media partner to present a brand new snowmobile event at the end of winter.  The objective is to organize the last grand gathering of the season in the snowmobile world and to make it an annual «pilgrimage» for all snowmobile fans.
 To do so, the organizers will offer a unique opportunity to ride at the end of March in the outstanding conditions of the Monts Valin, while most of the trails are closed in the other regions of the Province of Québec.  As the event is meant for snowmobilers, we give you the chance to choose the official name of the event that should become a prestigious annual gathering.
 So, until January 21, 2013 at midnight, just send your proposals and coordinates to [email protected] .  You could win this wonderful prize : a package for two at the Auberge du km 31, including 1 night stay, table d’hôte dinner and breakfast, worth over 250 $.  The winner will be announced on February 1, 2013.
For this first edition, the organizers have chosen the Easter long week-end from March 29, 2013 to April 1, 2013.  We are aiming to welcome snowmobilers from Saguenay – Lac-St-Jean and from all the other regions of the Province of Québec; so, the 4-days Easter week-end appeared to be quite appropriate as it will allow participants to travel to Monts Valin and make the most of it.
Before sending your suggestions, it is important to understand what brought this event and what will be the highlights.  The concept is based on the following ideas :  to create the flagship event at the end of the season for all snowmobilers of the Province of Québec.  To offer a last opportunity to snowmobile enthusiasts to ride in an amusement park of over 400 km of groomed trails in extraordinary scenery and conditions.  To allow snowmobilers to ride at their own pace all while offering a central point of gathering all week-end long.
«Many people know it by now, snowmobiling season is often extended till mid-April on the Monts Valin…», said Mr Marc Thibeault, Media Director of the event and Columnist for SledMagazine.com.  «… but some snowmobilers still think that conditions are not good anymore at the end of March.  The Monts Valin circuit is the exception that proves the rule because these trail conditions are still outstanding until the end of March.», added Mr Thibeault, who is very proud to participate to the promotion of this gigantic winter amusement park.
The gathering site of the event will be at the Auberge du km 31, located on the majestic Lac Jalobert shores.  «We wanted to return to the true meaning of an end-of-the-season activity, when sun shows up…», said Mrs Lina Morin, President of the event.  «We listened to what people had to say and we wanted to fulfil their expectations :  to go snowmobiling, to enjoy nice weather and to gather for the last time with family and friends.», added Mrs Morin who is also manager and co-owner of the Auberge du km 31 since already 7 years. 
We will welcome all snowmobilers during that week-end and the rear parking lot of the Auberge du km 31 will be transformed in a giant «outdoors exhibition centre» with many stands to visit all day long.  The web magazine SledMagazine.com will be present with its official stand where many trial pilots, along with their trial snowmobiles, will be available to exchange words with visitors.
Also, as the Team will just be back from the Snow Shoot in Montana, the pilots will be more than pleased to discuss with other passionates about the sixty 2014 models they will have tested.  We will announce other exhibitors names in the upcoming weeks.  All Saturday long, beverages and warm meals will be offered outside to visitors at an affordable price.
Finally, two evenings with lots of surprises will be organized at the Auberge du km 31 on Friday and Saturday nights.  Many other informations will be announced and the official program of the event will be presented at the beginning of February.  So, the organizers invite all snowmobilers to enter the contest and to be THE snowmobiler who will give a name to this new event on the Monts Valin.

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