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509 Delta R4 Helmet – My final review

Finding a good snowmobile helmet is often a challenge. What’s good for one snowmobiler is not necessarily suitable for another. So, I was happy when 509 allowed me to test the Delta R4.

First of all, I have to say that I wear glasses and when I don’t have a choice, I switch to contact lenses. During this trial, I tried my best not to have to wear contact lenses.

509 Delta R4 Helmet review - Snowmobile

I started this trial at the end of November, and that’s when I realized that I could wear my prescription glasses with this helmet. I was delighted with this discovery that I made during an outing. That day, the temperature was around -5C to -8C. As with many other helmets, I left with the window slightly open and against all odds, I was able to lower it after a few minutes without the lenses of my glasses fogging up. 

On my next rides, I wore the helmet, but the temperature was much lower. So, I had to install the neck gaiter that comes with the helmet. As I have a big neck, and with the balaclava, I had a lot of difficulty tying the sides of the neck cover to the bottom of the helmet. Indeed, small magnets under the helmet and on the sides of the neck gaiter hold it in place. The problem is that these little magnets must be well aligned, which became almost impossible considering the size of my neck and my balaclava. As a result, air would eventually seep under the helmet. 

Another problem with the integrated neck gaiter is when you raise the front part of this modular helmet… The neck gaiter comes up to your face and prevents you from seeing in front of you. A fastening system (Velcro or other) should be added to secure the neck gaiter when the front of the helmet is open.

509 Delta R4 Helmet review - Snowmobile

I also noticed that the breath box tended to catch on the tinted visor when the helmet was open. So, you must be careful when lowering the front part of the helmet.

When the temperature drops below -20C, and you drive along the trail at a good pace, you feel a lot of cold on your chin. Therefore, adequate protection must be taken in this area to prevent frostbite.

509 Delta R4 Helmet review - Snowmobile

Despite these drawbacks, which will surely be corrected by the manufacturer next year, I enjoyed trying this helmet because it offers adequate visibility, and I found it comfortable to wear. But the element that stands out, in my opinion, is the ability to wear glasses when the temperature is above -20C.

Plus, this helmet has a great look that is both aggressive and daring. The choice of materials and colours adapted to the snowmobile collection sets will complete your 509 kit.

509 Delta R4 Helmet review - Snowmobile

The heated visor works very well and stays clear of mist or frost. Out of habit, I always left the helmet plugged in during my outings. 

Another thing I love about this helmet is the Fidlock magnetic strap system. In fact, the helmet can be tied by simply holding the two ends of the strap up to each other, and the magnet does the rest. It requires a short period of adaptation, but after that, the magic happens!

509 Delta R4 Helmet review - Snowmobile
509 Delta R4 Helmet review - Snowmobile

To conclude, for its first year, the Delta R4 helmet has been a pleasant surprise, but the manufacturer will have to modify some aspects of this helmet to eliminate some inconveniences. 

For snowmobilers who ride only when the temperature is above -20C, this helmet is a purchase worth considering.

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