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Ewool glove liners – Pierre-Olivier’s review

This winter I have the chance to test Ewool products. For those who don't know Ewool: it's a Quebec company that specializes in warm clothing. In short, people who live the same northern reality as we do. What's interesting about this company is that it doesn't address a specific market, but rather one of our living conditions as outdoor enthusiasts: it's cold and I'd like to be comfortable.

Ewool glove liners - Pierre-Olivier's review - Motoneige - Snowmobile

What are Ewool heated glove liners?

It is an underlay for your gloves. It is rather thin to allow you to insert it into your gloves or mittens. They are equipped with small heating elements that travel over the surface of all your fingers individually. These elements are powered by a battery stored in a pocket under your forearm. The action is controlled by a button located on the edge of the lining. Three modes are available: high (2h30, red button), regular (4h, white button), and power saving (7h, button is white and blinks). Up to 300 battery life cycles are promised. The batteries are recharged via a cable plugged into the wall with a Y-plug that allows the pair to be charged in a single action. As a bonus, the liners have inserts that allow the use of touch screens. 

Ewool glove liners - Pierre-Olivier's review - Motoneige - Snowmobile

When did I use my heated glove liners?

During my motorized rides, I added them to my luggage. They don't take up much space in a tunnel bag. Personally, I don't use them during my active trips because I already have the heated handles. On the other hand, it is one of the first items I take out of my bag when I take a break. This winter, I put them on for my lunch breaks. I wore them as full-fledged gloves during my outdoor meals. This allowed me to eat without my hands freezing and to stay comfortable during those times when I can't rely on my heated handlebars. In addition, with the thumb and index finger inserts I can operate my cell phone without cooling my fingers. Pretty handy for navigating my GPS maps. 

A security

These liners do not take up much space and are easy to manage for recharges. So I don't hesitate to put them in my luggage. They also serve as insurance in case of breakdown. In the case of an impossible return home, I would take them out to help me maintain an adequate body temperature. I would build a fire without a doubt, but the gloves would allow me to maintain a higher level of comfort. I see them as another tool to help me out.

Other scenarios  

When practicing motorized sports, you may be a passenger. In many cases, the snowmobile is not always equipped with heating elements for the other occupants. This is where Ewool liners can make the difference. Especially if you have trouble keeping your fingers warm. In economy mode, they will keep you warm all day long.

Ewool glove liners - Pierre-Olivier's review - Motoneige - Snowmobile

For photographers, liners can also be advantageous since they allow the use of touch screens. These protect against the elements while remaining thin enough to keep our precision. 

For hunters who do a lot of stalking, especially in extreme waiting conditions such as white-tailed deer. Liners can help you maintain your comfort and increase your stalking time.  

Some recommendations

  • Both batteries must be connected and charged at the same time.
  • Do not wear the liner while charging.
  • Disconnect the Ewool batteries from the liner when the liner is not used for a long period of time.
  • Batteries should be fully charged before storage.
  • Warm the batteries to a temperature above 50°F (10°C) before charging.
  • For best performance, slip the heated liner into a warm winter glove.
  • To preserve battery life, close the heated liner when not in use.

Some improvements

Are Ewool liners perfect? Unfortunately, I have three points that I think could be improved on these liners. 

Ewool glove liners - Pierre-Olivier's review - Motoneige - Snowmobile

Firstly, the position of the battery from an ergonomic point of view is not necessarily the best place for driving vehicles. The battery, in addition to being rather large, is located directly under the wrist. This could cause some discomfort when driving vehicles. A smaller, thinner battery pack would certainly be appreciated. For my driving scenarios, I preferred to have smaller, less bulky batteries and carry an extra spare set if needed.

Secondly, I would appreciate more adhesion of the material on the palm and fingertips. When used as a liner, it is currently perfect. On the other hand, when I operate my cell phone or camera I would like to have a little more grip. This would allow me a safer grip on my device.

Thirdly, I find these liners a bit expensive. Of course, they have the ability to turn most pairs of gloves into heated gloves, which is not insignificant. In comparison, for the same amount of money, it is possible to get a pair of FXR Recon gloves. It's a little expensive, but it's more versatile.

Ewool glove liners - Pierre-Olivier's review - Motoneige - Snowmobile

In summary

Ewool glove liners provide an excellent source of heat. They are easy to use. You keep your fine motor skills: something that is rare with heating products. Overall, it is a good quality product. They take up little space, so there is no excuse not to have them in your luggage. In case of damage, they can be used as a means of survival. For photographers, they are a must to keep you comfortable. Thanks to Ewool for allowing this trial. It's a mission accomplished for the young Canadian company: their glove liners do the job!          


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