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4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy Review

This season, thanks to the collaboration of BRP, I had the chance to test the all-new 4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy. For several seasons now, I’ve been bringing a LinQ fuel caddy on my rides, mainly for the peace of mind it gives me in case of unexpected trail conditions. With the arrival of the LinQ attachment systems, I first got the 11 L version, which I used mainly with my revered GSX SE 1200 on REV-XR chassis. I have been using the 15 L Stackable Fuel Caddy version since 2017 with different snowmobiles with the GEN4 platform with 850 E-TEC and 900 ACE Turbo engines.

The 4 L caddy, which has a nominal capacity of 3.78 L (1 US gallon), stands out from the others for two main reasons: its smaller size and lighter weight. It’s also very ergonomic and practical with its handle. It’s versatile in that it can be used on LinQ attachment positions number 1 or 2 on the tunnel of your snowmobile or on top of the Stackable 15 L Fuel Caddy.

4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy Review - Snomobile - Snowmobiler

4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy Review - Snomobile - Snowmobiler
The 4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy blends perfectly with your other LinQ accessories

It’s clear that a 15 L Fuel Caddy will give the snowmobiler more autonomy in case of a fuel issue. However, the extra weight of that added fuel at the rear has a significant impact on the handling of the suspension and the snowmobile, especially on difficult trails. The 4 L Fuel Caddy becomes quite handy in these circumstances, as it’s much lighter. It has a limited impact on your snowmobile’s handling while offering additional peace of mind in a tight fuelling situation. Used in combination with the LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy, it offers over 18 L of nominal capacity, which is 50% more fuel for any GEN4 trail snowmobile with a 36 L tank. This can be especially practical for rides in remote areas such as northern Quebec. This caddy can also be very practical in combination with utility snowmobiles, especially for the use of tools such as chain saws or ice drills.

4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy Review - Snomobile - Snowmobiler
The combined use of 15 L and 4 L Stackable Fuel Caddy increases the nominal fuel reserve capacity of a GEN4 snowmobile by more than 50%

Like all other LinQ accessories, the 4 L Fuel Caddy is well designed, easy to use and fits perfectly with your snowmobile. Its manufacturing quality will allow prolonged and durable use for many years. It’s definitely an accessory that I recommend.

4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy Review - Snomobile - Snowmobiler
The 4 L Fuel Caddy is light, versatile and offers additional peace of mind for long distances

For more information on the 4 L LinQ Fuel Caddy (860201774), I encourage you to visit www.ski-doo.com or visit a BRP dealer in your area. In closing, I would like to thank the BRP Ski-Doo team for the fuel caddy loan used in this trial.




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