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2024 Lynx Shredder RE: From Montana to New Brunswick 

lynx shredder re 2024

It is with excitement that I seized the opportunity to conduct a long-term test of the new 2024 Lynx Shredder RE during the winter. This test is conducted in collaboration with Sledmagazine.com and Lanteigne Sports, my BRP dealership here in Caraquet, New Brunswick. I was very impressed by this machine during our visit to Montana at the Snow Shoot 2023. I consider the Lynx Shredder RE to be one of the most powerful mountain snowmobiles I have tested. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined having this chance! Enjoy reading!

Specifications of the 2024 Lynx Shredder RE 3900 E-TEC 850 Turbo R

The 2024 Shredder RE 3900 Turbo R is the preferred Lynx snowmobile for those seeking an aggressive off-trail machine. It seamlessly combines several elements, including the Radien 2 platform, the 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine, the LFS/PPS2 DS+ suspension, KYB shock absorbers, and the PowderMax X-Light track (15″ × 154″ × 3″). This configuration makes it a snowmobile perfectly suited for the most demanding and rugged terrains.

KYB shock absorbers on the 2024 lynx shredder re

Who is the 2024 Lynx Shredder RE designed for?

The Lynx Shredder RE is the preferred off-trail snowmobile for thrill seekers and raw power enthusiasts. The design of this machine is directly inspired by professional pilot teams, including the legendary Andreas Bergmark. If you follow Lynx pilots, you’ll understand that this machine is tailored for those who seek tree riding in deep powder. It is exceptionally well suited for riders who enjoy jumping and performing aerial maneuvers.

Ski Stance

With a 36-inch ski stance for the 2024 Lynx Shredder RE, compared to the 34-inch stance on the Shredder DS, you’ll find the perfect fit for you. The RE provides stability and high-quality suspensions to absorb the toughest challenges. In comparison, the DS version is even narrower to facilitate sidehilling. It also offers a slightly more maneuverable machine for tree riding.

180 HP of Pure Pleasure

This year, I am gearing up to fully unleash the 180 horsepower of the 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine. Moreover, the 2024 Lynx Shredder RE is available in the 3700/146-inch configuration. You can imagine that for those who choose this shorter model, the skis won’t often touch the ground!

Track Profile

It’s crucial not to forget that this machine is equipped with a 15-inch-wide track. Coming from the generation of 16-inch tracks with tMotion, I am eager to experience the narrower profile of the track (15″ × 154″ × 3″ PowderMax X-Light track). Additionally, the 2024 Lynx Shredder RE features a rigid platform without the tMotion. This will provide a sensation that aligns with the style of mountain snowmobiles like Polaris or the Summit X Expert Package. The latter has a rigid rear arm and an adjustable limiter strap. In theory, this should help us maintain the desired path during “sidehilling.”

Track of the 2024 Lynx shredder re

The Unavoidable 2024 Lynx Shredder RE 850 E-TEC Turbo R 3900: Decoding My Expectations

Never having owned a snowmobile equipped with a turbo before, I am convinced that this machine will take me even further into the mountains. I eagerly anticipate the turbo’s assistance when needed. In mountainous terrain, certain maneuvers often require a bit more brute force. For maneuvers like hop overs, having sufficient power to lift the machine vertically is crucial. When faced with challenging situations, I believe the power of this machine will help me manage them.

I am also excited to analyze the Radien2 platform. With a more rigid rear arm, I can compare this machine to the Summit X Gen5 2023, equipped with tMotion X, which I tested last year. I have always found that the tMotion struggles to maintain a straight trajectory during “sidehilling.” The suspensions of the 2024 Lynx Shredder RE intrigue me as well. Being able to easily adjust them during my rides will be a game changer for me. I also expect this machine to elevate my riding experience to another level.


I am eager to try out the 2024 Lynx Shredder RE Turbo R 3900 154 inches. It is equipped with the Radien2 platform, which is comparable to Ski-Doo’s Gen5. We’ll reconvene this winter for my initial impressions and season-end review. I look forward to accumulating mileage and keeping you informed about this machine, which could potentially become your next favourite.

You can follow me on social media or on Sledmagazine.com to explore my articles. My trials will primarily take place in New Brunswick, where the quantity of snow is never an issue. You might even want to come and try your machine in our region. Our snowmobiling season typically runs from January to mid-April!

Many thanks to Sledmagazine.com and my BRP dealership, Lanteigne Sports. Until then, enjoy the snow!

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