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2022 Renegade X-RS 850 E-TEC pre-ride analysis

I am currently preparing this review without actually received my snowmobile, like many owners who are waiting for their new 2022 machine. Let’s not be alarmist, it will be delivered shortly and we will appreciate it better when we take possession of it.
For this review, I really don’t need to have tried this snowmobile on the trails to give you my impressions. With my experience and past testing, I can give you my opinion on handling, comfort and power thanks to the design of the chassis, engine, suspension, shocks and other equipment and accessories.
This season is special for me because in the 2020-2021 season, I drove the same model of snowmobile. In 2022, BRP added a new feature that is a first in the snowmobile world, the Smart-Shox shock absorber.


As always, the Renegade is available in two colors: bright yellow and black or full black. With these two colors, the Renegade will definitely not go unnoticed on the trails. The REV Gen 4 chassis has already proven itself since 2017 and according to feedback from snowmobilers, this platform would be much more maneuverable. I’m looking forward to testing the current chassis combined with the new Smart-Shox semi-active suspension. When looking at this snowmobile up close, the only thought that comes to mind is that it is truly designed to give its owner fun and feel while riding.

Shocks and suspension

This season, BRP engineers have outdone themselves by innovating the snowmobile industry with the new fully electronically controlled semi-active suspension.
RAS X front suspension and rMotion X rear suspension, both types of suspension have proven themselves in the past. In terms of shock absorbers there are KYB PRO front, 36 Easy-Adjust in the middle and KYB PRO 40 rear. High performance shocks have always made the snowmobile more maneuverable and comfortable, especially when negotiating curves and rough trails.
Without question, the high-performance shocks will be at their most effective with the addition of the new Smart-Shox suspension that actively reads the position of shocks, chassis data and throttle. It will determine the amount of compression and rebound needed for optimal control.

850 CC engine

Inside the hood is a 2-stroke fuel-injected engine with a displacement of 849 CC and a power of 165 HP. It’s an engine that gives its rider a lot of pleasure on the trail. I can’t wait to see how the snowmobile will handle under acceleration with the new Smart-Shox suspension.


A length of 137 x 15 x 1.25, this track allows for off-trail riding in the areas allowed for backcountry riding. This is not a snowmobile designed for off-trail use, however, and there are snow depth limits that must be respected to avoid getting stuck. At 495lb/225kg, I’m sure the light weight (which is 36lb less than the 900 Ace) will allow the rider to make the snowmobile quite maneuverable off-trail.

RS footboard

It was designed so that the aggressive rider can stand up. The thicker and more reinforced aluminum design at the front and rear makes it more resistant to bumps.

The dashboard

With a large 7.8-inch wide color LCD display, the information that the dashboard provides to the driver will undoubtedly be improved. In addition, several applications will be available for me to discover during my tests.


The narrower seat that fits well on this well-profiled snowmobile.
I have been testing BRP products for several years. One season with the REV 4 chassis and other seasons with a new innovation: suspension, shock absorber, engine, dashboard, track, seat, running boards. What I’m looking forward to this season is that all the novelties of the last years, in addition to the new suspension, will be available to try. I invite you to follow me this season with my tests.
Have a good season and be careful on the trails, your life is important to us!

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