Yamaha 2016 Mountain Snowmobiles

The mountain lineup is definitely an important segment in the snowmobile industry. If we take a look at the ratio of mountain snowmobiles sales, the survival of our sport and each manufacturer’s success mostly depend on this segment. This is why Yamaha, as all its competitors, invest important efforts in order to offer new models for 2016 and thus, to increase its market shares. We must admit that Yamaha is not the leader in this category. It is partly due to its decision many years ago to put away the 2-stroke engine technology and to concentrate only on 4-stroke engines. This choice seems logical for many segments of trail snowmobiles but it is less obvious in the mountain category. The weight / power ratio of a 4-stroke engine is clearly not an advantage for this type of vehicle, as well as its maneuverability that suffers from this overweight.

However, we must not forget some important aspects of the Yamaha 4-stroke engines, such as the durability, reliability, torque at low speed and possibilities of upward adjustment. Also, the Genesis engine of 1049 cc has been improved in many ways, helping to optimize its performances. And we add to these advantages the SRV chassis issued from the partnership with Arctic Cat and the new SRV-M mountain front suspension, also shared with the manufacturer from Minnesota. Through a partner, Yamaha now offers the possibility to boost the Genesis engine with a turbocharger package. This said, we have to add here the important cost of 4 200 $ to the price of the vehicle, but it brings the snowmobile to a higher level considering that its power goes from 130 HP to over 180 HP.

SRViper M-TX 141 SE

SRViper M-TX 141 SE

The Yamaha SRViper M-TX 141 SE seduced us seriously during our trials at the last SnowShoot in West Yellowstone. The combination of the powerful Genesis 130 with the Power Claw of 141x15x2,25 in. / 358,1×38,1×5,7 cm seemed perfect for the M-TX series. Also, the choice of colours and graphics of the SE models is very nice in White / Yamaha Blue. With its adjustable ski stance of 40 to 42 in. / 101,6 to 106,6 cm, it is in fact the most hybrid Yamaha mountain snowmobile and it allows the pilot to perform in a large variety of conditions. Equipped with the Fox Float 3 shocks, the new front and rear suspensions are efficient on all SE models, including the M-TX 141.

SRViper M-TX 153, 153 SE, 153 LE

SRViper M-TX 153, 153 SE, 153 LE

When you choose the M-TX 153, you get closer to the maximum power delivered by the Genesis 130 engine for a track of 153x15x2,6 in. / 388,6×38,1×6,6 cm or with 3 in. / 7,6 cm studs for the LE edition. The torque of the engine is not questionable but at high throttle, you feel that you reach its limit faster. Another point, the various HPG shock packages for the base model, the Fox Float 3 for the SE and Fox Float 3 EVOL for the LE, provide very different performances from one model to the other. The members of our team think that even if we appreciated the SE package (colours, heated seat and gear bag), the SRViper M-TX 153 base model offered the best comfort of all the models we tested among Yamaha mountain snowmobiles. But it is obvious that it is in this model that the absence of a 2-stroke engine of 800 cc with power, lightness and handiness is the most unfortunate. Who else but a motorist like Yamaha could conceive a 2-stroke engine of 800 cc with state-of-the-art technology, clean and reliable? To ask the question is to answer it. However, Yamaha representatives for North America told us that engineers of 2-stroke engines were all retired now. The other possibility would be to develop or share a technology with a partner. Yamaha already does it for many components. One thing is sure, business reasons are understandable and legitimate, but on the terrain, with many feet of powder snow, reality hits you quickly.

SRViper M-TX 162, 162 SE, 162 LE

SRViper M-TX 162, 162 SE, 162 LE

It is in the category of snowmobiles with track of 162 in. / 411,5 cm that the Genesis 130 of the SRViper really needs more power, mostly in the LE model with 3 in. / 7,6 cm studs. Once again, the Genesis 130 is clearly efficient in deep snow, but it needs help at high throttle. Fortunately, with the addition of the turbocharger package, the snowmobile becomes outstandingly powerful and we recommend it strongly if you want to buy this vehicle. You can then totally take advantage of the Power Claw tracks of 162x15x2,6 in. / 411,5×38,1×6,6 cm  for the base and SE models, and the 162x15x3 in. / 411,5×38,1×7,6cm  for the SE model. Adding the turbocharger package increases the already important weight of the snowmobile, but the additional 50 HP are clearly an advantage on the M-TX 162. In terms of maneuverability, we must be realistic. Even if the chassis is efficient, it is not comparable with the snowmobiles equipped with a 2-stroke engine in the industry. However, the M-TX 162 with turbocharger package compares favourably with the Arctic Cat M 9000 162.

Phaser M-TX

In its category, we can say that the Phaser M-TX is unique by its configuration and its distinctive look. It is a very interesting snowmobile for off-trail beginners who will have a reliable and efficient machine. With its Genesis 80 engine, the Phaser M-TX is probably the most manageable 4-stroke machine in the mountain category. Its Maverick track of 144x14x2 in. / 365,8×35,6×5,1 cm allows it to be maneuverable in deep snow and yet to be enjoyable on trail. The rumbling sound of the Genesis 80 through the rear exhaust does not please everybody. However, the throttle response makes the Phaser nervous and agile in various situations. As all other Phaser models, we do not like the size of the gauge that should be larger and most of all, more visible when we are moving. This snowmobile is well worth discovering and it is obviously a good purchase for those who are looking for a reliable snowmobile to start their carreer or as a second snowmobile, for example.

We like 

  • The SRViper M-TX 141 SE 
  • The rotation of the Genesis 130
  • The turbo package

We would like

  • Turbo snowmobiles to be standard
  • A clean and lightweight 2-stroke engine of 800 cc 
  • A new chassis for the Phaser M-TX

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