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Why Americans Snowmobile Quebec?

I am often asked why so many American snowmobilers ride Quebec.  With the feedback of many American “Quebec riders” I offer the following answer to that question.

 Since my 1st snowmobiling trip to Quebec in 1984 I have had more great pleasures, experiences and friendships than any one person could ever hope to have. For those who dream of winter all summer long, Quebec represents the mother land of our sport, the pinnacle of unforgettable snowmobiling experiences. When American snowmobilers are asked why they “Snowmobile Quebec” their answers are thoughtful and sincere. Here are just a few of our many reasons.

 The people: Quebecers are unlike any people we have ever met. Warm, friendly, generous, ingenious, hardworking, proud, passionate, sincere, helpful and most of all fun loving.  The “make it happen”, “make it better” volunteer spirit, commitment and efforts have created the best snowmobile trail system on the planet. When Americans “Snowmobile Quebec” we feel like we are a part of a fantastic people.

 The beauty: Quebec offers incredible sights. From Abitibi to Lanaudiere, the Laurentides, Mauricie, Quebec, Charlevoix, Saguenay  Bas St-Laurent, Chaudiere, Cote Nord, to Gaspesie, the Townships and every destination in between, Quebec is blessed and graced with some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes on earth. When Americans “Snowmobile Quebec” we get to share your incredible sights and create memories of places and times that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

 The system: The interconnecting network of snowmobiles trails which have been created, expanded, maintained and preserved through the efforts of dedicated and passionate volunteers since the birth of our sport continues to be 2nd to none. The opportunities it provides for adventure and destination are unlimited. Superior grooming, maps and signage truly make the most of your system. When Americans “Snowmobile Quebec” we enjoy endless opportunity for exploration and adventure with respect, admiration, appreciation and gratitude.

 The businesses: The acceptance and welcoming of snowmobiling and snowmobilers in Quebec is like no other. The recognition of the significant economic impact that snowmobiling represents and the support of government, businesses, landowners and volunteers create a unique and welcoming experience wherever we travel. When Americans “Snowmobile Quebec” we feel, welcomed, valued and appreciated.

 The excitement: Whether it is for the 1st time or the 100th time, going beyond the borders of your own country in search of fun, relaxation, entertainment, experience and adventure is a very, very special feeling. The adrenaline and anticipation of the unknown, the funny looking money and the inevitable challenges of a small language barrier all combine to offer a special excitement to each visit. Many of us come from States with wonderful snowmobiling, but Quebec is an unforgettable experience in addition to snowmobiling. When Americans “Snowmobile Quebec” we have the unique opportunity to experience all of the challenges and excitement of going international.

 We thank our Quebec snowmobiling friends for their extraordinary work, their heritage, their passion, their fun loving disposition and their welcoming hospitality. We respect their language, environment, open areas and their dedicated commitment to the preservation of the world’s premiere interconnected snowmobile trail system.

 Americans “Snowmobile Quebec” because we love the sport of snowmobiling and love what Quebec offers to those of us who are fortunate enough to visit. 

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