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Timbersled ARO 120/137

Polaris, who now own Timbersled products, decided to review the concept of the snow bike conversion system.

So now are the new Timbersled ARO 120 inches and 137 inches for 2018. The ARO platform comes with lots of improvements. It’s time to find out the technological advances that make this product even better.

Timbersled ARO 120/137

First, it is important to mention that hard work allowed to cut off 11 pounds compared to the previous version. It’s a huge difference which leads to an increased maneuverability and fewer efforts for the driver. One of the reasons of this weight loss is the better designed and thinness track. Snow can go out easily and it has a better response.

An important thing on the ARO model is the 1:1 ski to track ratio, it is easier to handle and the tracks can follow the line made by the sky. The energy of the track is used to make your vehicle go forward with a precise driving. It helps reduce the driver’s efforts in curves. The new Traverse ski provides better control and stability.

Timbersled ARO 120/137

Polaris made this system easy to install. The installation time is now reduced by half! With the new bolt-on conception, there is no modification needed on the original bike.

The new industry-exclusive pre-bled brakes are developed so you don’t have to disassemble your bike origin brake system anymore. Engineered specifically to protect from the snow and to minimize ice build-up.

Timbersled ARO 120/137

Even if this type of products is often put aside by trail snowmobile lovers, it is getting more popular for backcountry enthusiast. The reason is simple, the system is getting better years after years and performances are really close to a real mountain snowmobiles in certain conditions.

Unfortunately, this great innovation is not permitted on trails. For now we will have to use it only outside of the federated trails. Will we see a change in the legislation soon?


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