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Testing the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner

Testing context

First of all, Ewool selected the virtual magazine motoneiges.ca to let some snowmobilers try their products. They were able to test two items among their products, a jacket and the liner for heated gloves.

I tested their products in several different weather conditions. Besides the outside temperature, several other elements were considered in my evaluation: product design, quality, look, comfort, battery life, recharging, heating speed and cost. This way, it allows me to write a detailed review so that our readers can make the right decision on a possible purchase of the Ewool products.


First of all, you must not neglect the fact that, for several years, the new snowmobiles have increasingly short windshields and on some of them almost nonexistent. The wind comes directly on your chest and even with a good quality clothing you feel the cold.

This means that at a temperature of -20C and a speed of 70 km/h, the temperature drops dramatically. With several layers underneath our coat, it can become uncomfortable and restrict our movements. 

I live this reality and I don't think I am the only one in this situation. This is also why I accepted Ewool's offer to try out the heated clothing. Read on to find out my point of view on the testing of two items.

Ewool Pro Jacket

Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
The jacket is great to wear under the coat, it is not bulky. The sleeveless design with thin, stretchy fabric wraps the body well and retains warmth in the coldest areas.
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
The look is very basic with the sleeveless design. There are two front pockets and one chest pocket for cell phone or other small items for a casual look. The sliders and fabric are high quality and waterproof. Everything is machine washable. 
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
There is a pocket on the back of the jacket, at the bottom of the back, which is used to insert the battery and is not bulky. The fact that the battery is inserted in a pocket inside the back pocket is not unpleasant.
At first, I thought the jacket was heavy with the battery and even so, during a day of snowmobiling, it feels like you have nothing on your lower back. So it's not a negative element.
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
Heating system
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner

The heating elements are placed to completely envelop the front, neck and back. The efficiency is better than other products of its kind because the heating elements are scattered in different places in the apparel. The device's 42 watts of power creates more heat per square inch.

The day I did my first test in the morning, at -20ºC (-4º F) and felt like -32ºC (-25ºF), I turned on the jacket's heater no more than ten minutes before we left to get it warm. I made a mistake, because at high intensity the jacket was too warm. It is important to understand that we do not all have the same tolerance to temperature.

Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner

The next morning, it was colder, -25ºC/ felt -38ºC (-13ºF / -36ºF with chill factor) and very windy. I activated the jacket at low frequency and I felt the heat in my chest, neck and back in a few seconds, very pleasant! I made it through the day on one battery.

There is also an external cable that you can purchase that is plugged into the 12 volt of your snowmobile. This will keep your battery at full capacity.

Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner

Battery duration according to the 3 levels of settings (1 battery)

  • High 2 hours   
  • Normal 4 hours
  • Low 8 hours

2 batteries give you twice the time. To recharge the battery, it is easy and fast.

Heated glove liner

Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner
For this review, I put the liner on with mittens. No problem, it wasn't tight. With my gloves on, I was a little tight, but not so tight that I had to change them.
Review of the Ewool heated jacket and glove liner

Made in Canada with very good quality materials, flexible and waterproof product with IP67 waterproof certification. Easy to handle to perform tasks without removing the glove. Moreover, the product is washable.


When I'm riding in cold weather, my hands are always freezing. This season, to solve this situation, I tested another Ewool product: the battery glove liner.  During this test, the outside temperature was around -25c / felt like -38c with wind. Usually, at these temperatures, I have to keep my heated grips at 3/4 of their temperature.  With the Ewool glove, I didn't even feel the cold. I programmed the battery to low temperature and was able to make it through the day with it, which made my ride enjoyable.

Cold versus snowmobilers

For many years, I have heard snowmobilers complain about the cold on their hands, chest, back and neck. Over the years, several companies have put heated gloves and jackets or socks with batteries on the market. Many snowmobilers have purchased them and the main criticisms are that these products warm up the covered area well and to be effective, they must work at maximum. Also, the batteries do not hold their charge.

There are also heated items that are plugged into the snowmobile's battery and work well. The problem with the battery connected product is that the snowmobiler is surrounded by a bunch of wires for the jacket and other wires for the gloves and socks. The driver has to watch his movements to avoid getting tangled up in these wires and even risk making a wrong move.

For my part, this is not the first time I have tried a heated product. The Ewool products, by their design, are of high quality and I am sure that many snowmobilers will be satisfied to have them in cold weather, making their rides more pleasant, even for passengers.

Negative point

There is one negative aspect that the company could improve and that is the color of the three power levels. The high level, the color is red and for the other two levels, normal and low, they have the same white color, but placed differently. It is sometimes difficult to perceive during the day on which frequency the heater is placed. In the evening, no problem of distinction.  I suggest two different colors: green and yellow.

I recommend the Ewool product. Some people will say that the price is high, $498 (Cnd) for the jacket and $329 (Cnd) for the gloves, but sometimes you have to pay the price to have quality. To avoid being cold, the price doesn't matter.

Ewool company is convinced of the efficiency of their products and that's why if the customer is not satisfied with the product, he can return it within 30 days. There is 1 year warranty, exchange is easy and shipping is free on certain conditions.

For more information about the products, here is the link: ewool.com

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