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Snowmobile riders say this year may be “one for the record books

It's been a great year to get out and enjoy the conditions, especially for anyone riding a snowmobile.

Chris Umphrey has been sledding for 30 years and says this might be the best season ever.

“It's the best year running down to Barrie we've ever had,” he says. “You could never go to Wasaga Beach normally at this time of year. It's a real accomplishment.”

Kevin Hagen of the Mid-Ontario Snowmobile Trails says it's been a great year to introduce the sport to his kids.

“My son and I were on the trails in Midland and then all the way to Orillia, which is just phenomenal for this time of year,” he says.

Hagen says almost all of our region's trails are still open.
“And the conditions are like January,” he says. “I can remember two years ago, I think I went out once. Last year was a better winter and this year is one for the record books.”

For many sledders, last year was one they'd like to forget because by the middle of March most trails were in our area were muddy messes.

With another week of great conditions ahead, this year could set a record for the longest sled season.

George Papasthis, who runs a restaurant alongside the trails, says he's seen a 50 per cent increase in business over last year.

“We had a real good start and a real good end, because we still have snow on the ground and it looks like it's not going to melt anytime soon,” he says.

And with no end to the sledding season coming anytime soon, sledder Avery Macleod says there's only one thing to do.

“Makes me want to take more time off work and just go sledding,” Macleod says.

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