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Snow Shoot 2013, Spotlight, Ski-doo

Have you ever been around someone who looks like they have much greater knowledge than what others are aware of.  You know the look; the self assured posture, the gleam in the eye or the slight devilish smile that gives you the feeling that they are way ahead of you. That is the look and feeling that I have seen and felt from our friends at Ski-doo for the past several years.

Their presentations are reassuring with a professional confidence and authority that comes with a succession of recent past successes.  You get the distinct impression that they are not only “a” step ahead, but potentially several steps ahead.  They could be only great poker players, if it were not for the fact that they have seldom bluffed over the past decade. Whether fact or fiction, this aura not only pushes Ski-doo, it pushes our whole sport and the results are clear; snowmobilers benefit.

 Snow Shoot team member Philippe Soucy, at speed

It could easily be argued, that over the past 10 years the minds of Ski-doo have introduced more sport changing innovations to the world of snowmobiling that any other manufacturer.  The innovations have changed chassis, rider interaction, and suspension and engine efficiencies in very big ways.

For 2013 Ski-doo focuses on increasing mountain market share, not only through glitz and glamour, but through dedicated analysis and fundamental change.  In the same way that R-motion advanced trail offerings, the T-Motion rear suspension (“T” is for twist) with FlexEdge PowderMax track, found on 2013 Summit X and SP models, introduces radically new concepts that improve mountain performance and ease of maneuverability.

Summit X 154  

  advancements from stem to stern

The R-Motion suspension  was a big hit with snowmobilers in 2012 and for 2013 its’ use has be expanded throughout the MXZ and Renegade lines (with the exception of the Sport models)

The R-motion is now easy to find                        

If glitz and glamour floats your boat, the fresh, modern and exciting look of the sleek, flowing edge body style can be found on 2013 Rev-XS and Rev-XM models. Read more about the many functional aspects of this platform in upcoming articles.

Snow Shoot team member Marc Thibeault with the Rev-XS 800 MX Z X

 Rev-XM styling on Summit X and Summit SP models

Whether you are a “Show me the beef” snowmobiler or just crave the excitement and exhilaration that comes from riding the newest look, Ski-doo delivers in 2013.

Visit Motoneiges.ca or Sledmagazine.com, for our “Best Picks” articles and complete Ski-doo “Buyers guide” details and specifications. 



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