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SledMagazine.com offers New Brunswick snowmobile trails on its interactive map!

The team of SledMagazine.com is pleased to announce the addition of New-Brunswick snowmobile trails in its interactive map (See). "This is the first phase of the partnership between the NBFSC (New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs) and SledMagazine.com" says Denis Lavoie, president of SledMagazine.com. "Indeed we will make our services available to all players in the world of snowmobiling in New Brunswick in order to promote this activity to its full potential…" add Mr. Lavoie. The feature that is really interesting for snowmobilers is that both Quebec and New-Brunswick trails networks are on the same interactive map! Soon it will be possible to trace the route from Quebec to New Brunswick and vice versa. At this moment this feature is only available to the trails of Quebec but should be available very soon.

"As the Quebec leader as snowmobile information media on the web, we are proud to be the first website to offer trails of Quebec and New Brunswick on the same map." SledMagazine.com. use ViaExplora mapping system for displaying its interactive snowmobile trail map.

This partnership gives New Brunswick snowmobilers access to all the information concerning the world of snowmobiling in their province in both French (Motoneiges.ca) and English (SledMagazine.com). It will also be easier for snowmobilers in Quebec and New Brunswick to plan trips, one province to another.

We invite you to view interactive snowmobile trail map by clicking the tab in the header of SledMagazine.com pages or by clicking here.

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