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Ski-Doo Innovations for 2014

ACE 900

Smart and versatile… this is what comes to my mind when I think about the brand new Ski-Doo 4-stroke 900 cc !

This new inline triple 4-stroke engine of 899 cc is powered by an electronic fuel injection system with a 46-mm single throttle-body.

Each cylinder has 4 valves with hydraulic adjustment to control the admission and exhaust.  It delivers a power of 92 HP at 7250 RPM. Compared with the ACE 600, this new ACE 900 provides 50 % more power and 77 % more torque at low and medium throttle, which is a huge advantage on trail when we ride at medium speed and push in the accelerator.

Distinctive feature

Some say this is the ACE 600 with 1 more cylinder… They are right but what is great with this engine is that we can now manage the performance thanks to the new ITC system (Intelligent Throttle Control).

Two starting keys are available and programmable. The «Learning Key» is designed for beginners or rental operations and limits the speed at 45 or 70 km/h. With the second key, you can choose from 3 driving modes : ECO, Standard or Sport. The Sport mode will let you use the full power of the engine, 92 HP available at any time. The Standard mode allows smoother and more predictable accelerations than the Sport mode with the same top speed, which is perfect for less experienced pilots.

The ECO mode provides an excellent fuel economy close to 10 L/100 km with a maximum top speed of 70 km/h. This is perfect for the novice or teenager who must get acquainted with snowmobiling in complete safety.  You can even switch modes while riding !

To allow such a control, engineers also innovated by introducing the new throttle with no electronic cable! This new accelerator is much more comfortable for the pilot as it reduces the thumb effort by 40 %.

The SilentDrive System

Ski-Doo engineers have worked very hard for 2014 by introducing a much more silent traction system that will be available on the Grand Touring Le ACE 900. Three components have been modified to reduce the noise of the track by 5 dB, which is quite important mostly with the ACE 900 already very silent. This new system will also reduce the vibration felt in the running boards.

The track has been modified a little. The center part is 5 mm thicker, which reduces swinging when the track is turning. The number of traction points on the track have been doubled to eliminate any space between the sprocket and the track when switching from braking to acceleration.

Made of 16 teeth, the brand new sprockets perfectly fit the track.

Since the traction operates only at the center of the track, engineers designed rounded teeth which provides softer contact with the track and reduces the noise.

The third modification concerns the suspension legs that are 50 mm longer towards the sprocket wheel. This way, the impact of the track against the legs is reduced, so more silent.

Warmer hands

All models with E-TEC 600 and 800 cc engines are equipped with new 32 W heated grips. This is 15 % more power than the 2013 version and mostly, a power improvement up to 50 % when the engine runs at idle.
More practical instrument panel.

Three new functions have been added to the gauge on many 2014 models. On all models equipped with E-TEC engine, you will be able to see the remaining percentage of the break-in period of the engine. Decreasing from 100 to 0 %, the remaining percentage appears when you start up your machine.

On the multi-function gauge of the models with E-TEC engine, there is now a warning signal in case of high RMP. At 8300 RPM, the signal appears on the gauge to indicate there could be a problem.

The third new function is an emergency brake warning signal. If the emergency brake is still activated at 5 km/h, a flashing light and sound warning are produced. Great idea ! This innovation is found on all models with E-TEC and ACE 900 engines.

New controls on REV-XS

According to Ski-Doo engineers, they are more stylish, more ergonomic and more intuitive ! No less than 9 heat levels and a larger electronic reverse button for an easier manipulation. And as they are backlighted, they are easier to use at night. 


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