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Ski-Doo announce its 2012 lineup

More than ever, BRP prove they understand that snowmobiling is a diversified sport depending on the use, the climate, the kind of snow and above all, the type of pilot.  This is why the manufacturer from Valcourt offers this year even more sled categories and optional features.  Ski-Doo is the manufacturer who presents the widest range of models with a total of 141 different combinations offered to the consumers, 100 % of which are built on the REV-X platform.  Furthermore, a spring order will offer you more optional features such as a larger choice of colors, special graphics, the possibility to have a Ice Ripper XT track, an electric start, in X and X-RS editions.  So, here are some highlights.

Last year, the Renegade set apart from the MX Z segment.  This year, the Freeride segment takes off.  Following the great popularity of last year, this edition of the Summit that was replacing the X-RS version, was available only in spring.  For 2012, the Freeride fans will be enchanted by the 137, 146 and 154 versions.  This new segment is designed for those who measure altitude in free fall seconds rather than in ascension time.  As for the Summit range, these models have a wide ski stance for more stability and the shocks are inspired right from the snocross stables. 

The X models have a new seat, this time with a 5 liters storage capacity.

New rMotion suspension

A new suspension is introduced on the MX Z X and the MX Z X-RS.  The rMotion is 100 % progressive and no adjustment tool is needed, says the manufacturer.  Besides, this suspension offers the longest maximum travel on the market.

The GSX SE (Special Edition) introduced last year has been so popular that in order to satisfy the solo Touring fans, two new choices of engine are presented.  Indeed, the E-TEC 800 GSX SE and the E-TEC 600 GSX SE, both built on the REV-XR chassis, join the Ski-Doo models in 2012.  Moreover, the GSX will be more biting in 2012 as they will be built with a 1.25 in. track.  The E-TEC 800 edition will also be available in the GSX LE model, but this time in the XP chassis.

The Expedition has also been refined.  It is designed for long rides with some off-trail portions.  The SE edition launched in 2010 is offered with a new 30 amp/hr heavy-duty battery, compared with the previous 18 amp/hr battery.  This allows the addition of more accessories and eliminates the fear of power failure.  The rear suspension has also been modified.  The air control suspension used on the Grand Touring SE gives now more softness to this adventurer vehicle.  In 2012, DS (deep snow) skis are also standard on the Expedition. 

Expédition SE rear suspension

The Skandic models are also built now on the XU platform.  What a facelift for this workhorse.  Known since a long time for its hard work capabilities, the Skandic can now lean upon the Rotax E-TEC 600 H.O. and on the fuel-efficient 600 ACE engines.  Moreover, the Skandic benefits from the SC-5U suspension already proven by the Expedition.  This husky sled has lost a total of 52 pounds and benefits besides from the improved flotation of the XU platform.  We cannot wait to test it.

Back Country X  
Next spring, the Renegade Backcountry X buyers will be able to choose between 2 types of track, the Charger 1,5 or the Powder Max 1,75.

Charger 1,5 inches track    
PowderMax 1,75inches track


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