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Ski-Doo 2018: A year full of surprises

Ski-Doo 2018: A year full of surprises

For the fourth year in a row, I had the great privilege of attending the unveiling of the new Ski-Doo models at the Sneak Peek 2019 with some of the biggest snowmobile journalists from Canada and the United States. Constantly listening to its customers, BRP is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology with the introduction of a new high-performance 4-stroke turbocharged engine, more X-RS version models and even more refinement than ever before. With its 2019 snowmobiles, Ski-Doo definitively reinforces its position as the industry leader.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade

Renegade X and Renegade X-RS 900 ACE Turbo Turbo 2019

Rotax 900 ACE Turbo Engine

The big innovation for 2019 is the introduction of the new 900 ACE Turbo engine. For many snowmobilers and people in the industry, this is not a big surprise since this engine has been used for two years now by Can-Am in the Maverick X3. Rumours were very persistent about it. The market demand was also very strong to replace the legendary 1200 4-TEC engine and to introduce the new ACE-type 4-stroke engine with some additional HP. That is why Ski-Doo introduces for 2019 the new 900 ACE Turbo with 150 horsepower. Entirely designed and manufactured by Rotax, this new turbocharged engine adds 55 horsepower to the 900 ACE, already renowned for its reliability and efficiency. The power-to-weight ratio of this new engine unit is 15% higher than the 1200 4-TEC with REV-XS chassis that it’s replacing and has 20 more horsepower.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade

Rotax 900 ACE Turbo Engine

With the addition of this engine, the goal of Ski-Doo's engineers and designers was simple: to offer a new lightweight and compact 4-stroke engine package that could be installed on the REV Gen4 Platform. This engine shares several elements with the Can-Am Maverick X3 version to ensure its solidity given the power. But it has some differences especially regarding the turbo position to ensure a good handling and a dynamic response. The new 900 ACE Turbo engine is also equipped with the pDrive driven pulley. Like the basic 900 ACE, this turbocharged version is also equipped with drive-by-wire intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with three driving modes (Sport, Standard, ECO) and finger throttle. According to the comments of those who have tried it so far, the power and torque of this engine are really impressive.

The main features of the Rotax Turbocharger are:

• Exhaust manifold 3 in 1 with turbine casing creating the shortest possible path to transfer exhaust energy quickly into the turbine.

• Precision-machined Rotax compressor wheel to reduce inertia and maximize performance.

• Oil lubrication and water cooling for maximum durability. 

• Reduced friction plain bearing for improved efficiency. 

• Revolutions up to 200,000 rpm (3,333 revolutions per second).

• Reduced diameter nickel alloy turbine with low inertia for instant acceleration. 

• Precisely balanced components to minimize vibration and noise from the ACE engine.

• Collector covered with a protective cover capable of withstanding verified temperatures of 980 degrees Celsius.

The main improvements to the existing 900 ACE engine for the turbocharger are:

• Moulded piston, rethought to deduce the compression ratio. 

• Reinforced tie rod. 

• Reinforced crankshaft with the larger tie rod. 

• Bigger water pump for improved cooling. 

• New fuel injector with more capacity. 

• Cylinder head redesigned for better cooling. 

• New oil pump and oil recovery pump to improve oil circulation.

• Cooling oil nozzle directed at the bottom of the piston. 

• New exhaust valve for turbo, made of a more heat-resistant material. 

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade

Rotax 900 ACE Turbo Engine

4-stroke engines on REV Gen4 platform

With the arrival of the new 900 ACE Turbo engine, BRP's engineers and designers had to rethink some components of the REV Gen4 Platform to adapt it to this new engine. Compared to the 850 E-TEC version, the new GEN4 platform with a wider design is only 20mm wider on each side. But it is still narrower than the REV-XS version with the 1200 4-TEC motor. The new look also has a distinctive style, especially with the front grid, which shows the muscle and sporty side of the vehicle. By combining the REV GEN4 platform with the 900 ACE Turbo engine, Ski-Doo now offers a lightweight and highly maneuverable package with the advantages of 4-stroke engine technology. The REV Gen4 platform with larger design features a brand new and very comfortable trail seat with a rear trunk that has a 7 liters storage capacity.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade

Enlarged design REV Gen4 chassis

Rotax 900 ACE engine even more powerful

The current 900 ACE engine configuration will provide a little more power for 2019. This new version will now develop 95 horsepower thanks to a new air intake system, a new exhaust system and the use of the pDrive clutch. These changes necessitated a re-calibration of the engine, increasing the total power output as standard.

Rotax 600R E-TEC engine

Introduced in mid-January as a 2018 innovation, the E-TEC 600R engine with 125 horsepower will be available on many models in 2019. The 600R E-TEC uses industry-leading 2-stroke technologies such as plasma cylinder coating. From the 850 E-TEC, these technologies have enabled BRP to create the most dynamic 600cc snowmobile engine on the snowmobile market. Based on the same principles of square engine (meaning equivalent stroke and bore) as the 850 E-TEC, the 600R E-TEC offers precise answers, 30% faster than the 600 H.O. E-TEC, and instant acceleration, regardless of engine revolution. This new engine design takes the REV Gen4 platform mass centralization to a new level, offering 600cc snowmobiles with unmatched precision.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade

Rotax 600R E-TEC engine

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade
2019 MXZ 600R E-TEC

Segmentation of the different models

For 2019, Ski-Doo segments its models much more prominently according to the types of use and engines available. The MXZ models, known in the industry for its performance and easy handling, will now only be equipped with 2-stroke engines with E-TEC technology. Renegade models will be available with 2 and 4 stroke configurations. Finally, the Renegade Backcountry is now called Backcountry, becoming a distinct model of the Renegade family.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade
2019 Ski-Doo Backcountry family

Renegade X-RS 900 ACE Turbo

For the first time, BRP introduces a 4-stroke engine into an X-RS package. This is the result of numerous customer requests for a high-performance 4-stroke engine with better shock absorbers. With its sporty look and distinctive grid, the 900 ACE Turbo version will definitely turn heads on the trail next season. The Renegade X-RS 900 ACE Turbo comes standard with KYB Pro 36 R front shock absorbers and KYB Pro 40 "piggyback" rear shock absorbers in addition to the rMotion and RAS3 suspension. The Renegade X-RS 900 ACE Turbo is definitely the most powerful 4-stroke Ski-Doo snowmobile ever built with a 4-stroke engine. The Renegade X-RS is also available in 850 E-TEC like last year. This model is only available in spring with optional adjustment package and 3 track choices such as the Ripsaw 1.25, the ICE Ripper XT 1.25 and the ICE Cobra 1.6.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade
2019 Renegade X-RS 900 ACE Turbo 

Renegade Enduro

Very popular with Quebec snowmobilers, the Renegade Enduro is now available in the REV Gen4 platform with an extended design even for 4-stroke configurations. This is in order to offer a greater comfort and wind protection, which is typically what this target of customers are looking for in this segment. The wider panels also allow the installation of the compressor necessary for the operation of the air suspension. The Renegade Enduro is available in 4 versions: 900 ACE, 900 ACE Turbo, 600R E-TEC and 850 E-TEC. This model also features a heated seat, Pilot TS skis, and a 137-inch ICE Ripper XT track. With its sturdy look, the Enduro Renegade is undoubtedly the ideal snowmobile for long rides and short off-path trips.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade
2019 Renegade Enduro 900 ACE Turbo

Backcountry X-RS 850 E-TEC

Another major innovation for Ski-Doo in 2019 is the Backcountry model, no longer to be confused with the Renegade Backcountry, comes back in force with a brand new model the X-RS version. Compared to the X-model, the X-RS version has a set of high-performance "piggyback" type shock absorbers, such as the KYB Pro 36 at the front and KYB Pro 40 at the rear. This model has a distinctive red color. Snowmobilers will also be pleased to learn that the revolutionary SHOT starter system is now available for the Backcountry X-RS and X models. This technology saves about 20 pounds compared to the electric starter. This is a clear advantage for snowmobilers who do a lot of off-path riding. The Backcountry model is available in two versions, either with the 850 E-TEC or its little brother, the 600R E-TEC.

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade
2018 Backcountry X-RS 850 E-TEC 

Grand Touring Limited

The new Grand Touring Limited combines the best features of previous years' SE and LE packages to become the ultimate snowmobile for two on the REV Gen4 platform. The new Grand Touring Limited offers trail riding enthusiasts the best in luxury, handling, and power. The sitting positions provide even more protection against wind and snow for both the driver and passenger. Elegant and spacious at the same time, the LinQ storage offers even more room with stackable storage features, and the robust rear bumper adds to the capabilities of the industry-leading Grand Touring Limited. This model is available with the following three engine choices: 900 ACE, 900 ACE Turbo, and 600R E-TEC. 

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade
2019 Grand Touring Limited 900 ACE Turbo

Improvements to existing models

Very popular with mountain snowmobilers, the SHOT starter system is now available on the Backcountry X and X-RS models. The Backcountry models now have trail-type buttons and controls on the handlebars and a sharply-styled gauge. The Grand-Touring Sports model with 900 ACE engine is now assembled on the REV Gen4 platform. Another interesting option is the new Rotax 600R E-TEC engine, which is also available on the Summit SP model. A new interesting version of the Summit which offers a lot of power, but even more lightness

Ski-Doo 2019 - 900 ACE Turbo - Rotax 600R E-TEC - Backcountry - MX Z - Renegade

The SHOT starter is now available on the Backcountry X-RS and X models.

New high-tech OXYGEN headphones from OXYGEN

BRP introduced the world's most innovative modular helmet and in 2019 changed the rules once again. Even lighter and easier to use, the all-new OXYGEN modular helmet offers snowmobilers a wide, clear, distortion-free view with magnetic connections and easy moisture control for fog-free rides. The latest advance in M-Forge technology provides superior protection to carbon fiber helmets. Definitely the greatest innovation in snowmobile helmets since the introduction of the modular helmet.

We invite you to watch the videos that we have prepared for you for the launch of 2019 Ski-Doo's models. Here is the video of our tour of the showroom.


For more information about 2019 Ski-Doo models, please visit www.ski-doo.com or the BRP dealer nearest you.

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