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Snowmobiling in Gaspésie

Offering vast expanses of snow, pristine landscapes and 3000 kilometres of groomed trails, Gaspésie provides exceptional opportunities for snowmobile adventures.

Gaspésie boasts a vast network of safe, marked snowmobile trails that allow you to explore the region, including areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. The trails will take you through a variety of landscapes featuring snow-covered forests, mountains, frozen rivers and picturesque villages. Along the way, you can admire legendary Percé Rock as well as panoramic views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Chic-Chocs from the top of Mont Saint-Pierre and a view of Chaleur Bay from Mont Carleton. Other attractions include wind turbines, observation towers and snowmobile bridges.

A can’t-miss itinerary, the Grand Tour of Gaspésie is a nearly 1200-kilometre loop around the entire Gaspé Peninsula, which takes five or six days. For a shorter trip, several other loops are available, including the Chic-Chocs/Forillon loop, which includes Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Mont-Saint-Pierre, Grande-Vallée, Gaspé, Murdochville, Relais La Cache (a snowmobile clubhouse) and Saint-Paulin, in the La Matanie sector. Also worth discovering is the Gateway loop linking Matane, Amqui and Mont-Joli, and the Plateau loop, ideal for a day out around Matapédia.

In addition to snowmobile clubhouses, many services are easily accessible from the trails, including gas stations, restaurants and lodging sites. The villages in the region offer warm hospitality and opportunities to relax after a day of snowmobiling. Savour hearty regional cuisine and locally brewed beers before enjoying a good night’s sleep in comfortable accommodations.

Find out more about the region and plan your next snowmobile tour at tourisme-gaspesie.com.

Crédit : Robert Baronet / Tourisme Gaspésie
Crédit : Roger St-Laurent / Tourisme Gaspésie

Cover picture photo credit: CHOK Images / Tourisme Gaspésie

Trails conditions

Sentiers État Conditions Mise à jour
Club Chevalier de la Motoneige 2024-03-28
Club de motoneige La Coulée Verte 2024-02-29
Club de Motoneige Vallée Matapédia  2024-04-08
Club de motoneigistes du Mont Logan 2024-02-29
Club de Motoneigistes L'Étoile des Monts 2024-04-02
Club de motoneigistes Tourbillon 2024-03-02
Club de motoneigistes Tourelle 2024-04-01
Club Les Aigles Blancs 2024-04-02
Club Les Amoureux de la motoneige de Matane  2024-04-09
Club Les Bons Copains 2024-02-29
Club Les Sentiers Blancs 2024-04-04
Club Marquis de Malauze 2024-03-04
Club Mont Carleton 2024-03-26
Club Motoneige de la Mitis 2001 2024-04-01
Club Rapide Blanc 2024-03-01
L'Ile du Havre-Aubert 2024-01-26
Les As de la Motoneige 2024-03-04
Les Sentiers du Rocher Percé 2024-04-04


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