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Quebec families invited to explore 33,500 kilometers of marked snowmobile trails in optimal conditio

With the snowfalls expected in the coming weeks, Quebec is more than ever a snowmobiler?s paradise, with its incredible 33,500 kilometers of marked trails. The Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) and the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) invite Quebec families to discover snowmobiling in the most ideal of winter conditions, and has recently launched a new television and radio advertising campaign to reach out to this audience.

"Too many people think of snowmobiling as an individual hobby," said Raymond Lefebvre, spokesperson for the FCMQ. "Snowmobiling is a fun, safe and affordable activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Already, more than 13% of Quebecers over the age 15 enjoy snowmobiling – that?s nearly a million people!"

The vast majority (94.5%) of snowmobilers consider the activity to be family-friendly, while nearly three-quarters of them already practice it as a family. Touring packages for every taste and budget are available in all regions of Quebec. Snowmobiles can be rented by the hour, half or full day, the weekend and, of course, the week and it is also possible to rent any and all of the necessary equipment, including helmets and boots.

"Food and accommodation are widely available along the trails," Mr. Lefebvre added. "There are also 220 accredited snowmobile clubs throughout Quebec. They offer a range of itineraries and organize special events that make family outings even more fun. Wherever you are, there?s bound to be a club near you. And just think: 33,500 kilometers of trails is equivalent to eight return trips between Montréal and … Paris!"

It is incorrect to think that snowmobiling is accessible only to country dwellers. There are numerous snowmobile clubs and infrastructures near every major urban centre in Quebec. What?s more, the cost of renting a snowmobile easily compares with other popular winter sports, including downhill skiing, all while giving people a chance to discover something new.

What?s more, in addition to giving its devotees hours of fun, snowmobiling plays a major economic role in the Quebec, providing 8,500 jobsand some $725 million in annual spinoffs.

"Snowmobiling is governed by rules and guidelines that help make it a safe activity for the family. Snowmobilers understand the importance of safety and the importance of being responsible when using the trails, " added Mr. Lefebvre.

To find out more about snowmobiling in Quebec, including trails and clubs, visit www.gosnowmobiling.org.

About the FCMQ and ISMA
The Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is the reference organization for all aspects of snowmobiling. Through its volunteers and member clubs, the federation oversees the development, organization, maintenance and safe practice of snowmobiling along its network of trails, along with the installation of traffic control signs. The FCMQ has 73,000 members in 220 clubs and is supported by 4,560 volunteers.

The member companies of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) are Arctic Cat, Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.(BRP), Polaris and Yamaha.

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