MX-Z Adrenaline 800R : Half season summary

MX-Z Adrenaline 800R :  Half season summary

More than 3500 kilometres made with the 800R MX-Z Adrenaline, based on the brand- new REV-XP platform.   Even though we were at the end of January when these lines were written, the amount of snow received last November and December helped us realize many rides and of course gave us the opportunity to make a first summary of our observations.

We don’t have to remind anyone that we are still in the first year of a new platform, and that snowmobiles built on the REV-XP chassis have many components.   In fact, we can easily say that more than 90 % of the components used in the fabrication of this sled are in their first season.  Indeed, we haven’t noticed important problems in this snowmobile, only a faulty electronic board and also a required adjustment in the fixation system of the 1 + 1 seat.   It’s very impressive when you know the technical challenge surrounding the conception of an ultra light snowmobile like the MX-Z.    

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