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Polaris Riders Website Provides Riders With Extensive Snow Cover & Weather Data

By visiting the Polaris WeatherNation website

https://riders.polarisindustries.com/ or through the Riders menu on the Polaris Snowmobile Web Site snowmobilers can access live-time information such as:
• Maps of North American snow cover
• Snow depth reports
• Weather forecasts
• Live Doppler weather data
• Views of snowmobile trail systems across the United States
• Polaris dealership locations

Riders will also be able to determine the distance (as the crow flies) between any two points they plot on a map.

“To help snowmobilers enjoy their riding to the fullest, we’re providing them access to a wealth of information to help them find the best snow for their favorite types of riding,” said Polaris Snowmobile and PG&A Division Vice President, Scott Swenson. “Through our exclusive partnership with WeatherNation, we’re helping riders plan their snowmobile trips and find snow and weather that will lead to great riding experiences.”

Swenson noted that Polaris hopes its partnership with WeatherNation will benefit all riders, not just those on Polaris snowmobiles. “We want all enthusiasts to have the best experiences possible, so we encourage Polaris riders to visit the site and share the URL with their friends via FaceBook,” he said.

Riders will have access to even more Polaris WeatherNation resources in future releases, when snowmobilers will be able to:

• View trail maps of Canada
Locate restaurants, gas stations and lodging across North America
• Use the “Plan a Trip” feature to access – and save to their computers – information about travel routes, lodging and other services. (Riders will eventually be able to download this information to devices such as a GPS or SmartPhone.)
• Riders will be able to post comments about their riding experiences and upload photos of their trips.

Later this year, Polaris plans to introduce Polaris WeatherNation tools to serve the needs of Victory motorcycle riders and Polaris Off-Road Vehicle enthusiasts. This information will likely include information about ATV trail systems across North America.

WeatherNation is a weather technology and information service that provides clients with customized weather and travel information gathered using the most sophisticated weather monitoring technology currently available. Polaris has contracted exclusively with WeatherNation to provide riders with information they can use to plan riding trips and enjoy the best experiences. This information will benefit riders on Polaris snowmobiles as well as, in the near future, Polaris Off-Road Vehicles or Victory motorcycles.

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