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Polaris Debuts Industry-Leading 2011 Snowmobile Lineup

Building on the revolutionary PRO-RIDE(TM) Chassis introduced last year, Polaris has continued to develop products that deliver Terrain Domination Control with its 2011 line-up, offering consumers an unparalleled combination of durability, balance, power and suspension. This revolutionary chassis is used in three new RUSH models — the 800 RUSH PRO-R, 600 RUSH PRO-R and 600 RUSH LX — as well as a specially engineered deep snow adaption in the new 800 PRO-RMK 163 and 800 PRO-RMK 155. With new products spanning diverse segments — Performance, Deep Snow, Crossover and Trail Luxury — as well as updated versions of traditional favorites, Polaris’ 2011 offerings are the most well-rounded and versatile in the industry.

"Polaris continues to be an industry leader because our dedication to practical innovations makes our products more useful, more fun and more affordable for consumers," said Bennett Morgan, President and COO, Polaris Industries Inc. "As a company, we’ve always prided ourselves on developing exemplary products that set new industry standards, something we’ve continued in 2011. We fully expect the quality of these new products to further our growth and gains across all market categories."


PERFORMANCE: THE PINNACLE OF THE RIDING EXPERIENCE The Performance segment features four new RUSH models built on the ground-breaking PRO-RIDE Chassis, with each one delivering power, durability and Terrain Dominating Control. Performance riders benefit from outstanding shocks, the industry’s only true progressive rate rear suspension, and the 600 or 800 Cleanfire(R) engine. With technology that isolates the rider from the impact of bumps, Polaris sleds with the PRO-RIDE Chassis offer a ride unmatched by any competitor.

DEEP SNOW: EXCEPTIONAL RIDE FOR EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES The Deep Snow line-up carrying the legendary RMK name includes four new models. The 800 PRO-RMK 163/155 models deliver the RMK basics of light weight — 40lbs lighter, reliability and outstanding power. They also feature the RMK Coil-Over rear suspension, stronger and stiffer chassis and Over-Engine Steering, which allows the engine to be mounted lower for a better center of gravity, enhancing the machine’s balance. The RMK line also includes the 800 RMK Assault 155, the sport’s first sled specifically designed for backcountry and freestyle riders, which SnowGoer magazine named "Off-Trail Sled of the Year."

CROSSOVER: FLATLANDS OR MOUNTAIN – TECHNOLOGY TO RIDE ANY TERRAIN Designed and built to accommodate all riding conditions from deep snow to perfectly groomed trails, Polaris Crossover models blend the best features from several segments. The new 800 Switchback Assault 144 borrows smooth-handling technology from the RUSH models and has the powerful 800 Cleanfire engine to satisfy diverse riding needs. The new 550 Shift 136 provides riders with the dependable 550 engine and an extended footprint for a great ride, while and the 600 Switchback 136 and 600 Shift 136 both feature the 600 Cleanfire engine and deliver outstanding Crossover performance.

TRAIL LUXURY: COMFORT MATCHED BY PERFORMANCE Highlighted by the new 600 RUSH LX (built on the PRO-RIDE Chassis) and new 550 IQ LXT (IQ Chassis), the 2011 Trail Luxury sleds feature premium suspensions that deliver easy handling and the industry’s smoothest ride for one or two riders. Several 2-up options let a passenger ride in comfort, and the Rider Select steering system features adjustable handlebars. Polaris redefines Trail Luxury by combining comfort features with class-leading engines — such as the 600 Cleanfire and a 750cc 4-stroke — that efficiently deliver unmatched acceleration and outstanding top-end power.

UTILITY: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD The 2011 Utility models are versatile sleds designed to accommodate any work need while still providing the power and terrain-dominating suspension to enjoy the ride when the job is done. All three models provide a wide ski stance, a powerful engine and heavy duty cargo rack. The IQ models feature a heated, in-dash glove box and smooth-riding IQ Front Suspension, and all three models have heated handgrips.

YOUTH: A REAL SLED THAT IS SAFE AND FUN FOR YOUNG RIDERS The 120 Assault, with its authentic orange Assault graphics and enhanced safety features, provides the perfect introduction to snowmobiling. This sled is equipped with a safety tether that stops the engine immediately when removed from the sled, a 120 4-stroke engine, Independent Front Suspension and underseat storage. Built for durability and reliability, the 120 Assault can be the first sled for multiple generations of riders.

PURE POLARIS PRODUCTS & ACCESSORIES New for 2011, Pure Polaris(R) has partnered with industry giants such as FXR(R), ToBe(R) and Oakley(R) to enhance an already strong line of snow apparel. Additionally, Polaris continues to utilize eVent(R) Direct Venting(TM) Technology, the state-of-the-art fabric providing riders with windproof, waterproof and breathable performance beyond any other fabric on the market today. New products this year include Polaris FXR Helix and Backshift jackets, featuring FXR’s patented liner system, allowing for greater climate control; ToBe Rise jacket highlighted by convenient pockets and stylish looks to compliment functional waterproofing and breathability; and Polaris Oakley Proven Goggles, providing great comfort and anti-fog technology from the most recognized name in performance eyewear. New snow accessories include items for RUSH and RMK sleds such as two new windshield options up to 24", skid plates and exchanger guards, along with a wide selection of storage options and performance parts. Pure Polaris provides all the gear riders need for themselves and their sleds to stay warm, dry, protected and comfortable.

For more information and detailed specs for all 2010 products, go to www.polarisindustries.com.

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