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Polaris Accessory Spotlight Volume 3

In our last accessory highlight we focused on rear storage options for our 2020 SledMagazine.com Indy XC 137. 

In this episode we move up front to the storage options we feature within reach of the handle bars.

Polaris offers windshield and handle bar bags that look right, fit right are easily installed and maximize storage for items you want closer to you.

First up is Polaris’ cell phone charging handlebar bag (PN2883786, $129.99US). We have written about this bag in several of our articles and we standby its continued dry performance.

Polaris Accessory Spotlight Volume 3 - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

How good would you feel to see 100% charged on your cell phone each time you pull it out of this weatherproof pouch? Bag includes 2 USB ports and plenty of additional space for all of the little conveniences that you want easy and quick access to. Snacks, hand warmers, helmet shield towel, multi tool, electric visor cords, flashlight, trail pass documents, the list goes on. This bag connects directly to Polaris’ provided electrical supply with 1 of 3 provided harness’, whether you have a Titan, 850, 800 or 600 model sled it is an easy plug and play installation. Easy Velcro install even over our ROX adjustable riser. 

All Polaris AXYS models come with a convenient heated glove box behind the windshield. But, if you need or want more warm storage, check out the Top Selling Lock and Ride Heated Windshield Bag (PN2880374, $129.99US).

Polaris Accessory Spotlight Volume 3 - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

With the windshield removed, the standard glove box door is easily removed and this bag forms perfectly to the same heated space, offering a whole lot more easily accessible storage. 

Polaris Accessory Spotlight Volume 3 - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

Spare gloves, extra goggles, quick access tools, shock spring spanner wrench, bottle of water or anything else you can think of. Install is easy, just pop off the windshield, remove the glove box door, position the bag with its mounting tabs over the windshield holes and reinstall the windshield. 

For short windshield riders, Polaris makes the Windshield Replacement Bag (PN2882917, $149.99US) which is perfect for deep snow applications. This bag offers the same snow deflecting capabilities of a short windscreen with added function.  

Polaris Accessory Spotlight Volume 3 - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

Since 2015 Polaris has offered and continuously improved the Polaris Interactive Digital Display (PIDD) gauge package with GPS capabilities.

However, for snowmobilers who wish to utilize the capabilities of a traditional GPS, we found that the semi rigid structure of the Heated Windshield Bag offers a perfect mounting area and surface.

With just 4 small holes that can easily be plugged later and a quickly made backing plate, we were in business.

We ran our GPS’s cradle power supply cord under the windshield bag and down through the recessed hood area to our chosen power connection point. Great stability and visibility with a clean factory look.

Polaris Accessory Spotlight Volume 3 - snowmobiles - snowmobilers

These windshield storage options and the phone charging handlebar bag are the bomb in offering extra convenience capabilities to your Polaris.

Our next spotlight will be a nontraditional yet easy Polaris accessory trick that will give anyone a greater feeling of confidence and control. How would you like to make all your turns like a Pro for cheap money?  We are going to show you how, by easily putting a little XCR DNA into your ride.

Ride smart, Ride right, Ride safe and have your best snowmobile season ever!

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