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Phantom Powersports Corporation announced today the expansion of its successful NOVICE 250 Driver Safety & Skills develo

Phantom Powersports Corporation , manufacturers of the Phantom 250 Series of Snowmobiles announced today the expansion of its successful NOVICE 250 Driver Safety & Skills development program, In association with The Eastern Pro Tour Ice Oval Competition Series.
Phantom Snowmobiles CEO Bill Moffatt explained today that this co-operative Partnership with Eastern Pro Tour  is in the interest of bringing new riders into the  Sport of Competitive Snowmobile Racing , in the safest and most educational environment for Young Snowmobilers.
Eastern pro Tour President George Samson stated the road to becoming a Future world Champion begins with this program. By allowing young riders to evolve and become safely acquainted with a snowmobile designed specifically for them, we can teach improved rider skills ,responsible fundamentals, safety and good old fashioned winter fun.  These lessons are mentored with the Eastern Pro Tour / Phantom Novice 250 Driver Skills development Program.
Phantom Powersports Corporation will provide specially prepared 250cc PHANTOM Snowmobiles at every event on the 2012-2013 Eastern Pro Tour schedule for training and educational purposes. With the experience  and Guidance of the Eastern Pro Tour , we will continue to encourage New Young riders to experience the Fun and the Excitment of Safe & Responsible Snowmobiling.
Phantom CEO Moffatt stated that  Our origins in snowmobiling began over 40 Year ago in Oval Racing  "We are very proud and excited" to be  a Corporate Partner with the  Eastern Pro Tour as we recognize their Organization  as the Premier Ice Oval Series In North America and their support of the Novice 250 Driver Safety Skills Development Program will be of maximum benefit to young snowmobilers everywhere.
EPT President George Samson also stated that  with challenges of Video Games and Social media affecting the youth of today, Snowmobiling remains a healthy outdoor activity that promotes physical fitness and family fun.   The Eastern Pro Tour will provide professional training and mentoring to the young competitors in the series along with the highest standards of safety allowing young snowmobilers to improve and develop their  skills.
Ontario Based PHANTOM Powersports Corp  manufactures PHANTOM 250cc Snowmobiles the only youth oriented snowmobiles in the world to allow for young people to safely be introduced to the sport of snowmobiling.

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