Overview of the New 2022 Ski-Doo line-up

Over the last few years, Ski-Doo has presented us each year with different new products and innovations that have pushed the industry’s limits. It would have been normal to think that by 2022, with the current global situation, BRP would have postponed various product launches. Well, no… To assert even more strongly its leadership position in the snowmobile industry, BRP is offering us even more new features and innovations for its 2020 Ski-Doo line-up, in addition to the rebirth of the legendary. MACH Z. Want even more? Well, know that 3 versions of BRP Lynx snowmobiles will also be available in North America for the next season.

Smart-Shox Semi-Active Suspension

Ski-Doo again pushes the boundaries of innovation for its 2022 range by introducing the first semi-active suspension for snowmobiles. Inspired by a technology found in the Can-Am off-road line-up, the Smart-Shox system provides optimal suspension compression and rebound control. This thanks to electronic suspension control, a command unit, 5 dynamic sensors and high-end KYB twin-tube shock absorbers. With the data collected, the system automatically calculates the best suspension adjustments 50 times per second based on various parameters such as the position, speed, and angle of the snowmobile. For example, when a snowmobile is in the air following a jump, the shock absorbers’ compression is automatically increased to dampen the contact with the ground properly. According to the user’s preferences, this system can also be adjusted to 3 driving modes (Comfort, Sport and Sport+), thanks to a control button on the center console. The Smart-Shox system, available in the 2022 MXZ and Renegade X-RS series, dramatically improves the snowmobile’s handling, comfort, and capabilities to a new level. The system also allows a significant reduction in driver fatigue through optimal driving control.

Overview of the New 2022 Ski-Doo Products - Snowmobile
Renegade X-RS with Smart-Shox Semi-Active Suspension

New Versions of the 900 ACE Turbo Engine

For 2022, Ski-Doo is further enhancing its 4-stroke engine offer with a new version of the 900 ACE Turbo engine. With the addition of larger injectors, optimization of the pressure produced in the intake and overhaul of the exhaust system, the new 900 ACE Turbo R version now produces 180 HP or 20% more. This engine is the most powerful engine ever built by Ski-Doo. In addition, the ITC system has also been improved to calibrate the response better. Ski-Doo engineers now use a traditional cable throttle as found on the E-TEC versions and coupled with an electronic sensor positioned in the chassis. This new system allows much more predictable acceleration even in sport mode and constant speed despite slight driver movement when driving on bumpy trails, for example.

Ski-Doo is also introducing a version of the 130 HP 900 ACE Turbo to offer even more engine options to snowmobilers. The difference with this version is that the air cooler is no longer required, resulting in a significant weight reduction. With these changes, the 150 HP version of the 900 ACE Turbo available for the 2020 and 2021 editions is no longer available. However, the new 180, 130 and 95 HP versions of the 900 ACE series are available in many model configurations to the delight of snowmobilers.

Overview of the New 2022 Ski-Doo Products - Snowmobile
Several 2022 models are available with 900 ACE Turbocharged 130 and 180 HP engines.

Return of the Legendary MACH Z

2022 will also be a production year that will go down in history with the return, for one year and in spring fever only, of the new MACH Z. The return of this legendary model is intended to be a milestone in the Ski-Doo line-up featuring the latest engine and suspension technologies. The new MACH Z is equipped with the all-new 180 HP Rotax 900 ACE Turbo R engine, including a new “launch mode” system for ultra-fast starts. All this power is also transmitted to the track with an exclusive clutch configuration. Moreover, the MACH Z is equipped with the new semi-active Smart-Shox suspensions to optimize driving. The driver’s position has also been lowered by 1.5 inches for an even sportier ride. In addition, the model comes standard with a 137 x 15 x 1.25 inch ICE Ripper XT track with 1 ply. It will also be possible for future owners of MACH Z to order this model with a 2-ply Ripsaw track that will be even better suited for installing lugs. As the ultimate in refinement, this model comes standard with the high-end 7.8-inch dial and an electronic reverse gear.

Overview of the New 2022 Ski-Doo Products - Snowmobile
The MACH Z 2022, the return of a legendary performance snowmobile

rMotion X and RAS X Suspensions 

This season, most of the 2022 Ski-Doo series trail models are now equipped with rMotion X and RAS X suspension. These new suspensions have a reputation for significantly improving ride, handling and comfort. In fact, these new suspensions significantly enhance the stability of the snowmobile, especially when exiting a turn by keeping the skis on the ground during acceleration. Another great news is the addition of the rMotion X suspension on Enduro and Grand Touring models with ACS air suspension. Thanks to a control on the handlebars, the preload of the air shock can be easily adjusted for unparalleled comfort on the trail.

Overview of the New 2022 Ski-Doo Products - Snowmobile
The range of models with RAS X and rMotion X suspensions expands for 2022

Summit Snowmobiles

The Summit line of snowmobiles is also undergoing several significant improvements. First of all, Ski-Doo is introducing a brand new seasonal model that fits into the range between the X and SP versions. Very well equipped as standard, the Summit Edge has a short tunnel, a SHOT starter, a lightweight seat, and a hood with storage. It is offered in a wide range of colors and unique graphic sets.

The Summit X with the Expert Package will be even more perfect for 2022, with a narrower ski gauge of 34 inches. This configuration allows even more technical driving, especially on the mountainside. This makes it easier to tilt the snowmobile, allowing for better balance and control. Finally, all snowmobiles in the Summit X line-up are moving to the one-piece lightweight hood, saving about 6 pounds for models with naturally aspirated engines.

Overview of the New 2022 Ski-Doo Products - Snowmobile
The Summit Edge is a high-end mountain snowmobile available seasonally.

LinQ Accessories 

Excellent news for all 2022 Ski-Doo snowmobiles since all units will be equipped with LinQ binding bases as standard. This addition, which is not trivial in itself, will further promote the integration of LinQ accessories. In fact, for 2022, BRP offers even more LinQ accessories in the range, including a new locking system to secure accessories when unattended. In addition, a new universal base will be available to allow easy installation of non-BRP accessories, such as Pelican trunks, on Ski-Doo snowmobiles. 

Lynx Snowmobiles

Also new for 2022, BRP introduces the Lynx line of snowmobiles produced in Finland to the North American market. Three model versions will be available in the spring order. The first is the RAVE RE 850 E-TEC, a hybrid model designed for extreme driving on unsurfaced trails. This model features an uncoupled rear suspension with increased flexibility in extreme bumps, in addition to being equipped with KYB PRO 46 heavy-duty shock absorbers. The second version is a mountain snowmobile, the Boondocker DS, with a short tunnel and an 850 E-TEC engine. This model will be available with two track lengths. Although available in the spring version only, there is no limit to these models’ availability or volume.

Overview of the New 2022 Ski-Doo Products - Snowmobile
The Lynx line-up is making a strong entry into the North American market by 2022.

To conclude this overview of what’s new in 2022 for Ski-Doo, it’s important to mention that BRP has made several other improvements to its current line of snowmobiles. We invite you to visit the Ski-Doo website www.ski-doo.com for more details. For the Lynx range, you can also visit www.brplynx.com.

As a columnist, I have covered the various news items over the past few years, and I must admit that once again this year, BRP has impressed us and raised the bar once again. Next season promises to be a memorable one. The best way to be part of this great adventure is, of course, to contact or visit your local Ski-Doo dealer and get the Ski-Doo snowmobile of your dreams.

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