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One project, one dream

Quebec International PowerSports Center

The main goal of this document is to announce the structure, and some ideas concerning the QIPC.

This center will include some non-profit organizations as:

  • The Quebec Snowmobile Hall of Fame,
  • The Quebec ATV Hall of Fame

The Quebec Museum of Antique snowmobiles will add a historic touch to our project.

The actual QIPC building will be the Powersports Embassy for the province of Quebec,and an extraordinary meeting place. Visitors from all over the world will come and study the development of the snowmobile industry and learn about Joseph Armand Bombardier, inventor of the snowmobile. The centre will also include «The Quebec Snowmobile Hall of Fame», and «The Quebec ATV Hall of Fame» which will be dedicated to the history, the education, and the enjoyment of  ATV and snowmobile riding.

The «Quebec Snowmobile Hall of Fame» will be an important component of the QIPC. Here, visitors will come to appreciate the history of the sport of snowmobiling and honour the many important individuals who contributed to the development of the sport,such as J. A. Bombardier, inventor of the snowmobile.

The Centre will house an active electric Go Kart circuit. This will be cutting edge family entertainment, operated with electricity.
Quebec International PowerSports Centre
   will include and facilitate:

  • A special classroom for teaching Quebec PowerSports History.
  • Practicle instruction on how to ride an ATV and or snowmobile safely.
  • Presentations from all 19 Tourism Regions of Quebec.
  • Teaching of safe codes of conduct while operating these vehicles.
  • Teach the meaning of the specialized ATV and Snowmobile signage.
  • Offering package deals for those who want to learn to ride.
  • Family vacation packages for ATV and snowmobile training.
  • Internet and other interactive media available. Radio studios.
  • Coordination of all activities of the Snowmobile Hall of Fame.

Quebec International PowerSports Centre

  • Quebec Snowmobile Hall of Fame
  • Snowmobile museum of antique machines from yester-year.
  • Artefacts of snowmobile interest including racing paraphanalia.
  • Antique Snowmobiles. RCMAQ.
  • Efigees of important snowmobile celebrities, such as Denis Drouin and Bob Petit.
  • A historic Kiosk about snowmobiling.
  • A boutique for the sale of souvenirs.
Quebec ATV hall of Fame
  • Museum for Atv’s and ATV artifacts of interest
  • Multimedia presentations randonnée, competition.
  • A Photo  Gallery of Active ATVers in Quebec
  • A historical display Kiosk for ATVs
  • A souvenir boutique.

A Private Trail of Three Kilometers Long.

An ATV competitive track, snowmobile circuit and an interior circuit for electric karting that runs on tow storys.


A special room with many training stations.
The student will experience the feeling of riding both ATV’s and snowmobiles, by viewing a trail display, through high tech video display goggles. This will give them the sensation of real riding.

A room with Regional Displays.
 There will be a large cinema room, with a 360 video screen all around, like the one that was set up during the 1967 world Expo in Montreal. This theatre will show films that display the tourism advantages of each region of Quebec.This experience will be augmented by the implication of the latest high definition video images and high fidelity sound.

There will also be a room full of the latest models, a family restaurant with 250 places and many giant screen TV.

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